Tips on Giving Wine as a Gift

Life is definitely a box of chocolates- you never know what you’re gonna get.  Of all the surprises life hurls at us nearly every day, the one I’m not particularly too keen on are those last minute occasions you get invited to.  I simply hate that I have to come up with the perfect gift to give when I’m pressed for time.

But there is a versatile gift which you can pretty much give anybody on any occasion: wines.  Before you head off for the winery though, here are a few things to remember when giving wines as gifts:

Assess the recipient.  Try to figure out what you know about the person you’re giving the wine to.  Does he or she have a particular fondness for full-bodied wine, or is he more inclined towards the sparkly and bubbly types?

Don’t go with the crowd.  Avoid the mass produced brands on sale, as this will only make you look cheap.  It’ll be evidence of how much thought you put into the gift.  You can always ask for suggestions from the people who work at the wine store.

Go sparkling.  If you’re totally clueless and are bashful to ask, you can always go with a certified crowd-pleaser: sparkling wine.

So, the next time you suddenly get invited to a house-warming party or a bachelorette party, you’ll know better what to give without having to pull your hair out from all the pressure.  And remember, when you give that bottle of wine, there’s one thing that goes well with it- a sincere smile.