Gear Buyer’s Guide: Round Out Your Collection with Unusual Instruments

If you’re like most musicians with an interest in gear, you probably have what adds up to a metric ton of the stuff. Most musicians stick with one or two instruments when building a collection though.

While that’s great if you’re trying to perfect a sound or you’re a touring musician, sometimes having more tools at your disposal in the studio or home studio can be beneficial too. Use this guide to help you learn more about instruments you should consider buying.

Whether you find them on the used market or new in the store is up to you, knowing what could help you can make shopping a bit easier. Especially if you happen to find a killer deal while you’re just out and about.

Electric Organ

Electric organs were all the rage in homes across American for 20-plus years. Now, most people simply don’t have room for them when smaller versions are readily available. Still, there’s something unique about older electric organs – especially the models with a real rotating Leslie-style speaker.

Check thrift stores and salvage shops to score a unique organ. You might not find a professional model this way, but you might pick up something pretty cool and useable for the cost of dinner and a movie.

Fretless Bass

Every musician knows how important bass is, and a lot of people, from guitarists to drummers, have on or two on hand to work out ideas or lay down a simple track when recording. Not everybody considers a fretless model though.

While they do take some time to learn, musicians that enjoy the challenge can really sink their teeth into a fretless instrument. You’ll get some amazing sounds once you learn how to play the thing as well.

Look for this type of bass in music stores or online. There isn’t much chance you’ll find a playable model in a thrift store or junk shop.

Lap Steel Guitar

The lap steel guitar is the little brother of the pedal steel. Luckily for you, they’re much more cost-effective and they won’t take you a million years to learn to play.

You can find lap steel guitars online, but make sure you get a chance to play one before you buy. There were a lot of inexpensive older models made and those don’t always stand up to years of abuse or storage.

As long as you have these essentials, you’re well on your way to becoming the new Hendrix on the block.