How To Set the Mood Using Tea Lights

A tea light is pretty much like Genghis Khan- small, yet strong.  Genghis Khan stood at only 5’1”, yet was powerful enough to lead the Mongol empire.  Similarly, a tea light is diminutive, seemingly unassuming, yet when lit, brings a whole new dimension to mood lighting.  If you’ve just recently gotten another set of tea lights as a present but have absolutely no clue as to how to use them, read on for a few helpful tips on the different ways to use tea lights.

Bath– To set the mood for a romantic bath, try scattering tea lights around the bathroom to give off a warm glow.  You can also set tea lights along the edge of a bath tub.  Just be sure to set the candles at least a foot away from the water.

Outdoors– If you’re feeling in the mood for an outdoor dinner, bring out tea lights placed in multi-colored glass candle holders, and set them on the table.

Yoga and meditation– Tea lights arranged in a circle will help set the mood for tranquility.  Sit in the center of the circle as you meditate.

When using tea lights, you can put a lot of them together for an intense lighting effect, or opt to use only a few for mood lighting. Lighting up your life knows no boundaries…

How to Brighten Up a Dark Home

Sunshine is always associated with positive vibes.  Where there is light, there is life.  But what do you do if your apartment or home doesn’t have big enough windows to let a lot of sunlight in?  You may be tempted to call Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and beg them to remodel your home, but that would be a little too… extreme.    Here’s what you can do to brighten up a dark house:

Start with color.  It shouldn’t be that difficult to paint your walls over.  Your best bet would be to paint your walls in white or beige.  The neutral color helps to bounce light around the room, giving off a feeling of brightness.  You can likewise make your floors white by putting a white rug over it, or by staining wooden floors with a white or light-colored stain.

Seek to reflect.  In order to create reflections, hang mirrors on a wall across the window to reflect natural light.  You can also install one of those large chandeliers with bits of crystal to help magnify light.

Use area lighting to shed some light in dark corners of the room.  Pendant light fixtures, for instance, will look particularly good in the dining room or in a reading nook.

Try the above tips if you want to make your home bright and cheery, and soon you’ll see things in a new light!