More Than Just a Yogurt Cup

Yogurt cups don’t have to be used only for ice cream or frozen yogurt. There are several uses for the cups, such as storage or craft projects.

If you have frozen yogurt cups with lids, they can be used for food storage as well as keeping small items that tend to get lost in the home. You can put snacks in the cups for children to take to school or while you are in the car. They can be used to store the last few food items that are in a bag or box so that the food stays fresh and so that the container doesn’t take up as much room. After a meal, you can store some leftovers in the cup if it’s a larger size. The cups can be used to hold soup for a delightful and quick meal instead of using bowls.

Another way that the cups can be used is to sort hardware. When you look in a tool box, you might see bolts and screws that are laying in trays or that are rolling around without being in a container. Cups are convenient in that you can put each kind of bolt or screw in a cup, securing the cup with a lid. The cups can be placed on a shelf in a garage or in an area where you use tools. You can easily label the cups with a marker. They are also ideal for keeping nails and small items that are removed so that you don’t lose them if you are going to put the furniture or item back together.

If you want to plant flowers or vegetables in a garden, you can use the cups to start seeds. All you have to do is put dirt in the cups, plant the seeds and let them sprout before planting them. Yogurt cups can also be used for ice cream toppings if you are having a party for friends or family. Companies like Gelato Products have cups of all sizes as well as the other items that are needed for a successful ice cream event.

Garage Cleanup – Yes You Need To Do It

As time passes by, garages tend to slowly become a graveyard of all things old and useless: clothes, children’s bikes, textbooks, rollerblades, and suitcases. Come to think of it, you probably have a ton of things in your garage that you’re not using anymore but cannot throw away for some reason. Take a moment and consider doing a major cleanup and garage makeover – it can result in incredible, well organized, and clean space you will be able to use for more than just storing things.

Use the walls

Vertical space is usually not used to its full potential, and you can have more storage space simply by using your walls. Metal racks hold wrenches in good positions, so you can use them to hang everything around. Moreover, by using a simple metal clothing rack, you will be able to get more space on tables and floors. Having a pegboard on your walls will save you plenty of time too, for you will be able to attach simple plastic cups on it and use them for keeping pencils, screws, and nuts.

Use the ceiling too

When you have enough shelves and your pegboard walls seem like they cannot hold anything else but there are still things you need to put away, why not use your ceilings too? Find good carriages (or build them yourself) and mount them on your ceiling (make sure they are well attached). Once you’ve finished, simply take all your totes which you can fill with anything you (don’t) need, and add them to carriages. Simple idea, but it will give you more space for your car and you will be able to find what you need more quickly in totes that are in the open.

Mind your tools

Having a messy garage can be annoying and frustrating, but having your tools lying scattered all over the place can be dangerous as well. Find ways to keep things organized: buy a toolbox from an online tool shop, add magnetic strips for all those things you need every day, make more shelves and your own PVC garden tools holders which you can attach to the walls. There are plenty ideas and tips out there that can help you organize your garage space and make it cleaner and safer place.

Wall studs are useful

Unfinished garage walls with studs all over the place can be annoying, but it can also be useful for storage and cleaning up the place. Utilize the studs and use them to hang heavier items like shovels or even bikes. In addition, you can put a few boards to the front and as a result you will have a semi-shelving unit in a blink of an eye. Your (or your boys’) old sports equipment can be easily organized if you hang a few bungee cords on those studs.

Mason jars to the rescue

Sometimes even your shelves need help because there are just too many things on them. By adding mason jars underneath them, you will get more space, and will be able to find what you need much more quickly. Screw the lids of mason jars or glue the lids of simple plastic ones to the bottom of the shelf and use these to store smaller items such as bolts, nuts, and nails which usually get lost quite easily.

It is a good decision to take a day or two and clean up your garage space; not only will you dig up plenty of old things which you will then be able to give to charity or sell on a garage sale, but you will create a wonderfully organized and clean space with your own two hands and a bit of creativity.

Four Reasons to Rent a Self Storage Unit

Have you ever wondered why more and more facilities offer residents and businesses a place to keep their possessions? The answer is quite simple: customers enjoy Fishers self storage for the convenience. Having a locker to keep some of their belongings is an excellent solution when there is not enough storage space at home or work. While this is a key explanation for the growth in the storage industry, there are more reasons.

1. Selling a House

Take advantage of self storage when selling your house. Start packing even before the house is listed, and keep those boxes and excess furnishings in your rented locker. Your home will look less cluttered, which is something prospective buyers greatly appreciate. They do not want to be distracted, but rather have a chance to envision their own possessions in your house. Ask your real estate agent for a storage facility recommendation.

2. Work Relocation

Has your company offered you a promotion, but the position is in a different city or country? You may consider renting out your house or apartment, and putting your furniture and household goods in storage until you decide to come back. The same rule applies for military personnel deployed outside of the country. Renting a storage unit is a lot cheaper than maintaining a residence. Your belongings are also safer in a secured facility than an empty, unsupervised home.

3. No Need to Move

Growing businesses may not want the expense of moving to a larger location until they are certain that their growth spurt continues. Entrepreneurs can use a self storage unit to keep files, excess office furniture, and other items they do not need every day. If the facility is nearby, they can always drive over in case they do need old paperwork.

4. Collectors and Hoarders

Some people enjoy collecting. They are passionate about their hobbies or just like to buy stuff at garage sales and flea markets. If this shopping spree has been going on for several years, there may come a time where available space runs out. Renting a well-protected Fishers self storage locker may be the ultimate solution, at least until it is time to sell some of your treasures.