Staying Safe In the Sun: What to Remember About Sunscreen

In two weeks, my daughter and I are hitting the beach.  Yay!  I’m eagerly anticipating it in probably the same way the Spurs are at sweeping the Lakers at this season’s NBA playoffs.  Although my abs and thighs have yet to morph into shape, I’m all set and raring to go.   But before I get carried away by all the excitement, I should remember to pack this indispensable essential: sunscreen.

We all know how when the sun lords over us and we don’t take the necessary precautions, things can get pretty nasty.  Sunburns are never fun, and can spoil anyone’s vacation in an instant.  That’s why it’s always wise to slather on some sunscreen before going under the scorching heat of the sun.

What are the important things to remember about sunscreen and sun protection?

Remember to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before heading out.  Reapply every two hours, or after too much sweating.

Always go for a broad spectrum sunscreen which offers the protection you need from all types of ultraviolet rays.

But how much sunscreen do you really need?  For all exposed areas of the body, you’ll need sunscreen enough to fill a shot glass- or two tablespoons, approximately.  For the face alone, you’ll have to apply a dollop the size of a nickel.  When using a spray, spray it so that you leave an even sheen on the skin.

Suddenly I find myself singing that Sunscreen song by Baz Lurmann.  He gives advice to the graduating class of ’97, saying that the long-term anti-aging benefits of sunscreen can never be discounted.  He couldn’t be more correct…