How to Celebrate Your Birthday: Single Mom Style

Age, they say, is just a number. In my case, it’s a number that has grown bigger again. I have definitely outgrown rainbow-colored, helium-rich balloons and birthday clowns doing pathetic acts. If you’re a single mom- or any mom, for that matter- you do deserve to do something special on your birthday. Here are a few suggestions:

Call in sick. If your company doesn’t afford you birthday leaves, this is the perfect time to call in sick. They can’t and won’t hold it against you, believe me. Make prank calls. While you’re in the comforts of your own living room, pick up the phone and dial a few random numbers- better yet, dial your friends’ numbers. In your best Tyra Banks impression, tell them they’ve just won a free makeover.

Make an MTV. Get your kids together in the backyard, light a few fireworks and lip sync to Katy Perry’s song as you film yourselves. Uploading it to YouTube is your prerogative.

Do no chores. Absolutely no chores. Your house won’t turn upside down if you don’t vacuum the carpet for a day. You can even opt to use paper plates and utensils so you won’t have to do the dishes.

Grow old by looking young. Hit the salon, and get your nails done in shocking pink or orange. Again, nobody can hold it against you.

Whatever it is you feel like doing, do it on your birthday. It could be as simple as buying yourself a tall Starbucks latte or getting together with your girlfriends with the proverbial male stripper. Your birthday is all about rewarding yourself for the hard work you do, both inside and outside your home. At least for a day, we can get to be treated like Kate Middleton.