How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mosquitoes?

If you guessed that I was singing the title of this post to the tune of that Sound of Music song, well you couldn’t be more correct.  Don’t cover your ears now, because I have practiced singing that line in perfect pitch.  Moving on…

Big things come in small packages.  By big, I mean deadly.  Biting insects of the miniscule kind suck not only blood but all the life out of you.   When mosquitoes bite, they mean all harm and no good.

For some reason, mosquitoes love to attack kids.  Maybe it’s because of their stature, or because their blood smells sweeter.  Whatever their reasons are, I hate them like the hair on my legs.

It’s a consolation to know that we moms don’t have to resort to some creepy type of voodoo just to keep these mosquitoes away from our kids.  Fate is kind, and the powerful chemists that be have come up with a safe yet effective insect repellent, and it goes by the name of Guard.  I was introduced to Guard when bloggy mom Jade of Momma Finally gave away samples at her son’s birthday party.

Unlike other insect repellent lotions, Guard isn’t sticky.   It’s almost incredible how a powdery-scented lotion can keep bugs at bay.  The magic of Guard lies in Picaridin.  It is a natural insect repellent based on a compound found in peppers.  Now, that’s what I call pepperrific!

I’ve tried a gamut of insect repellents, but so far, nothing compares to Guard.  It’s safe on even a one-year old’s skin and packs a wallop in keeping bugs away.