Wishing For Baby #2…

Babies are a wonderful thing.  Although that sounds like a song straight out of a Michael Bolton album, this post isn’t at all about music.  I just got to thinking about how amazing it would be for me to have another baby.  My biological clock is ticking like crazy, and I have to admit, in the deepest recesses of my heart, I’m still hoping for baby #2.

My wishful thinking has found me grazing the webpages of baby products, and I stumbled upon baby changing stations.  I first saw one of these at the ladies room at a local mall, and I thought that it was really convenient to have one at home.  Instead of changing your baby’s nappies on your bed or on a changing table, it seems more practical to get a koala baby changing station installed at home.

If and when that ever-elusive genie in the lamp grants me my wish of having another baby, I will consider getting a baby changing station installed at home.  What I like about it is it’s perfect for my teeny weeny house, as it mounts to the wall.  They fold out and back in when not in use.  I wouldn’t have to fumble for wipes or nappies, as these baby changing stations have pockets to store them in.  These changing stations are also hygienic, because of the material they’re made of.  They have antimicrobial properties.  Any mom would love that, right?

If I don’t get my wish of being a famous rock star, I could at least have baby #2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  But I guess, it takes more than crossing fingers to make a baby.