Letter UP: For the Serious Word Warrior

It’s only 10am, yet you start to feel your eyelids heavily drooping as you stare blankly at your computer monitor.  The signs of boredom are creeping in, as you try your hardest to pretend that you’re working your ass off while seated in your comfy office swivel chair.  What do you do when you’re bored witless at work?  Take a break, of course.
Just recently, a friend introduced me to this online, multiplayer crossword game called Letter Up.  I have always been a Scrabble aficionado, so when I visited www.letterup.com, I was only too ecstatic to learn that I can play this Scrabble-ish game online.

When I started playing this, the word warrior in me woke up after years of dormancy.  I felt an adrenaline rush surge through my body as I clicked on those letter tiles.  I was transported back in time when I joined a Scrabble tournament and was one of the top students in our Scrabble PE class.
Letter UP is both fun and challenging.  You get to beat your opponents at getting the highest possible score from the letters you play on the board.  More than having a stellar vocabulary, you must know how to strategically form words on the board.
On their website, it says that they plan to include SOWPODS in the game dictionary.  I hope they do so really soon, as that’s what my Scrabbler friends and I are really familiar with.  I think we all memorized the words there by heart.
As far as word games go, Letter Up is really engaging.  I found myself hooked.  For a single mom like me who barely has time to go out for drinks at a bar, this is a welcome alternative.  Even if my friends are oceans away, we can get together for a game of Letter Up, even if it’s just over the internet.  Beer on the side is always an option.