My Slinky-Dog Scare: The Near-Death Experience That Never Was

Many a grown adult has confessed to shedding a tear or two while watching Toy Story 3.  Although I am not part of that group, I just have to say that the slinky dog character in the movie nearly made me wet my pants a month ago.

During our recent trip to Hongkong Disneyland, my daughter was relentless in her pursuit to make me go on the Slinky Dog ride with her.  I was never a fan of theme park rides, so you can just imagine how I felt as we were queuing up for the ride.  My stomach was in knots, and I can barely think straight.  That slinky dog must’ve smelled my fear from a mile away.

In her most reassuring voice, my daughter said, “Mama, just hold my hand, close your eyes, and think of happy thoughts, ok?  It’s going to be fun!”  I couldn’t believe hearing those words from a 6-year old.  It was a Freaky Friday- Jaime Lee- Lindsay Lohan type of role reversal.  I felt as if she reattached our umbilical cord.  She made me feel safe beyond words.

As we got on the ride, I just kept my eyes on her and forced a huge grin.  I held her hand and screamed my lungs out.  Seeing her have fun was enough to make my fears drop a notch or two.

That day, I realized that there really are some things we learn from our kids.  My daughter taught me to just let go and be brave, that things don’t turn out as bad as we feared they would.  She is now my bastion of courage.  Whenever I look back on that moment, I feel like crying…

How about you?  What important life lesson have you learned from your kids?