How to Help Your Kids Love School

You heave a huge sigh of relief as your little one finally boards the school bus and embarks on yet another school day adventure.  You plop yourself firmly on the couch, thankful that you have survived another morning-rush-turned-power-struggle with your kid.

If your child is one who dreads going to school, mornings are definitely going to be as tortuous as being caught in a nudist colony of hairy men.  More than the stress of the morning rush, you won’t be able to really enjoy the rest of your day if you know at the back of your mind that your kid hates going to school.  Here’s what you can do to help your child learn to love school:

Get him to school early.  A child may feel pangs of shyness when entering a classroom already full of kids, so it’s better for him to get there well before the place is packed.

Work with the teacher.  Without sounding as if you’re blaming her for your daughter’s school misery, ask the teacher how you two can team up in making your kid happier when in school.  Teachers tend to feel motivated when parents show that they care without telling them how they should teach.  Let the teacher know about how the situation is at home, so she can better come up with activities to help ease the kid through any transitional phase she may be going through.

Be proactive.  Even if you’re not too keen on rubbing elbows with that beehive-haired mom with blue eyeshadow, go ahead and join the PTA.  When you’re involved in school activities, your child realizes that his school is also part of your world.  It then becomes easier for you to get in touch with his teachers if and when you feel you need to talk to them about your kid.

Talk to your kid.  To bridge the gap between home and classroom, you must have an idea of what goes on in school.  If simply asking him, “So, how was your day?” leaves you wanting for more, you can try asking him more specific questions to get him talking:  “What book did the teacher read to you at storytime today?  ” And when he does start talking, give him your undivided attention and really listen.

Give yourself a pat on the back once you’ve finally succeeded at making your child love going to school.  Throw in a glass of wine, as you may very well need it to numb the pain of missing him as he merrily trots off to school.