Dangerous Ways to Make Money Online

Whether you  are looking for a way to stay home with your children or trying to find a  way to make some extra cash, making money online can be a wonderful  thing. It can also be dangerous to your finances. Any time you are about  to embark on some type of online money making plan, make sure you know  what you are getting into before you start.


Everyone knows, or should know, how gambling works. The house always wins. If you are playing games against other players, you may be able to  get ahead at times, but unless you are very good or very lucky, you  will not be able to make a living at it. Online bingo may seem harmless  enough, but it is also very addicting. You do not realize how much you  are spending when you just keep buying cards to play. It is only a few  dollars, how can it hurt? It all adds up. If you like to play poker or  the slots or online bingo, do it as a form of entertainment, do not try  to turn it into your livelihood.

Demos and Free Trials

You see the offers all the time, you sign up for a free trial for  something and only pay the shipping. Then, you get a bunch of other  people to take the free offer, and you get a cash prize or some big gift  you can then sell. The danger here is getting too many trials and gifts  to keep track of when you need to cancel. All these trials will  continue to ship you product, and charge your credit card, until you  cancel. Many times it takes a few months and a lot of money before you  actually get cancelled. You may have gotten six people to sign up under  you and gotten $250 for it, but you spent more than that by the time you  were able to stop the shipments.

Get Rich Quick Schemes

It is amazing how many people have a website that tells you how you can  make a lot of money every month and never have to do anything but send a  fee to them and then start up your own website. In many cases, you will  end up sending in the money to get started and then have to pay more  each month to be a part of the group, pay more money to get leads, and  then pay more money to have your own website. Once you have paid all  this money, you may get a few people who buy into it from you but in  most cases, they are going to cancel before the guarantee time is up and  you will have to send them back their money.


There are some very good survey sites out there that will pay you for  every survey you complete. Most survey sites are not that good though.  You will spend a lot of time clicking buttons and answering questions to  receive points. These points can be spent on gifts from the site. While  they might be very nice gifts, they are not worth all the time you  spent to get them. Another trick some sites have is to not allow you to  take out your money until you reach a pretty high amount and have a  number of people you recommended reaching a specific amount too. You can  spend a lot of time and get nowhere with this type of survey payment  plan.

Receiving and Sending Money

While this is most often done through the mail, there are some people  trying to get you to do it with your PayPal account or bank account  online. Never accept money from someone looking for you to transfer it  elsewhere and keep a percentage as your pay. You will end up facing  criminal charges when the money sent to you is found to be obtained  illegally.

In general, if you want to make money online, go for it but plan on  spending a lot of time and hard work at it. It can be great to be at  home for your children when they need you, but you need to teach them  that just because you are home does not mean you can spend all your time  doing for them. If an opportunity sounds too good to be true, it almost  always is, check it out with work from home forums or the BBB before  you get involved.