Tackling Mayonnaise Spills Around The House

Mayonnaise is a popular food item in most households, so it comes as no surprise that it is the cause of many cleaning disasters in most homes! A mayonnaise spill can very quickly turn into a sticky, greasy mess and if it’s allowed to sit too long it can leave some very ugly, permanent stains!

In this article we discuss some useful tips and tricks for handling mayonnaise spills around the house and what you can do to prevent stains and marks. We are going to discuss cleaning remedies according to different materials around the house. Hopefully some of these tips will help you in preventing damage and keeping the mayonnaise where it belongs- in the refrigerator and in your sandwich!

If you spilled mayonnaise on carpets, silk, wool, fiberglass, acetate or rayon, the first step is to minimize damage by removing as much of the spilt material as possible. If it just happened, use a spoon or the blunt edge of a knife to lift off as much of the mayonnaise as possible. If the spill has been sitting for a bit and the mayonnaise has dried into a solidified mass, use any tool with a dull edge to pick up as much the spill as you can. Be careful not to scrape or scratch against the affected surface.

Use a dry-cleaning solvent to gently clean the area. Dip a cleaning wipe or a thick cloth towel in the solvent and deftly clean the stained area, moving from the center of the stain to its outer edges. Take a dry spotter and apply it to the stain and place an absorbent covering over it (also dampened with the spotter). Let the spotter seep into or sit on the affected area. Keep replacing it as many times as needed, until you see that the stain is loosening up. After this step stops showing any more results, take the dry cleaning solvent again and rinse the area with it. Let the area dry up. The stain should have disappeared completely by this step. If it hasn’t cleared up completely, you might want use different cleaning agents or seek the expertise of a professional.

The most common materials affected by food spills are fabrics, namely clothes, linen and upholstery. If you spilled mayonnaise on cotton, polyester, spandex, acrylic, linen or even nylon, use the cleaning steps given next to deal with the situation.

Repeat the first step from the previous procedure, that is, pick up as much of the mayonnaise as you can without damaging the fabric. Take a wet spotter and apply it to the fabric, giving it time to soak into the affected fabric. Take clean water and rinse the area. The next step is to launder the affected fabric, as this will help to get rid of the stain completely, but please make sure you follow the instruction label for doing so. Every item has its own cleaning requirements and you should be mindful of the same or you might just end up doing more damage than the mayonnaise!

If you cannot launder immediately, apply a paste of water and pre-soak the product in the affected area and leave it for a few minutes before you rinse off the fabric. This will prevent any further staining and will keep the stain “loose” till you can get it laundered. It is important to moisten the stain because the longer it “sits” and the harder it gets, the more difficult it will be to remove later.