My Car, My Best Friend: No More, No Less

Dogs, they say, are man’s best friend.  On an especially downcast day when you can’t take any more info about your co-worker’s bad experience with her first one-night stand, you can depend on your dog to give you that much needed mood pick up.  Just one look at those googly eyes, and you’re sadness instantly turns to bliss.

I may not have a cute pooch for a best friend to help lick my wounds when I’m hurting, but I have one reliable and sturdy friend who has been with me for so many years- my shiny red 1990 Mitsubishi GL.

That was the first car I could call my own.  I first had it in 2006, when I learned to drive.  And it has stood by me ever since.

We have been through hell and high water- literally!  When a massive flood hit the city in September of 2009, I thought it was the end of my lancer.  The entire car was submerged in flood water.  Every crevice and tiny part of the car was drenched in mud and whatnot.  It was horrible.  As I looked out the window, watching the car turn into a submarine, I gave up all hope and said a little prayer, sending its spirit up into “car heaven”.

But as the fates would have it, my lancer still runs like a horse today.  After that misfortune with the flood, I took it to the car repair shop for a tune up, and before long, the lancer was back in tiptop shape.  As if nothing happened, yes.  My fears of my lancer becoming a coral reef were dispelled as I turned on the ignition and once again heard that reassuring purr fill my ears.  It was the most beautiful sound, I swear.

Just last week, I took it on a very long drive.  I covered 120km and back without a hitch.  With The Corrs music playing in the background and a smooth ride, it was the best roadtrip I’ve had thus far.

When you find someone or something as dependable as my lancer, you don’t ever let it go.  You take care of it, and treat it like it was the last drop of water on an arid and dying continent.  Love your best friend, and it will love you back a hundredfold- more than you can probably expect from any man.


This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.