Secrets of Well-Rested Moms

If you think that the greatest invention ever known to man is the snooze button on the alarm clock, then you are clearly manifesting signs of lack of sleep.  Although it may be all too common to hear of moms who beg for those extra five minutes of sleep every time the alarm goes off in the morning, it is an indication that these people are not getting the rest they badly need.

The important thing sleepless moms have to do is to reprogram their bodies.  Remember, we aren’t nocturnal animals, so as much as we can, we should do all our duties during the daytime.  Owls are owls, people are people.  But if you’ve always been a night person, how exactly can you re-engineer yourself into being a morning person?

Change your wake up time.  Harsh as it sounds, you have to force yourself to stick to a new time to get up in the morning.  Try setting your alarm clock to 530am, for instance, and when it goes off, just get up even if you don’t feel like it. You must do this even on weekends when it’s so tempting to sleep in.  Eventually, your body will adjust to your new wake up time.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Do you really have to take that extra writing job, even if it’ll eat up more of your time?  If you really must, then do your extra work during the day.  Squeeze it in with your regular job (like I do!), so when you come home from work, you should just spend the time winding down and relaxing.

Keep naps at bay.  If you feel the pangs of fatigue creep in throughout the day, try to keep busy instead of taking a nap.  It will only make you feel more tired.  Talk to a friend or just do something- anything!  When night time comes, you’ll be so sleepy that you’d want to hit the sack early.   This will then help you adjust to the early morning start.

Once you’ve successfully transformed yourself into a morning person, you’ll soon discover that you’re no longer that cranky mom who masterfully stifles a yawn as you drive your son to soccer practice.