How To Set the Mood Using Tea Lights

A tea light is pretty much like Genghis Khan- small, yet strong.  Genghis Khan stood at only 5’1”, yet was powerful enough to lead the Mongol empire.  Similarly, a tea light is diminutive, seemingly unassuming, yet when lit, brings a whole new dimension to mood lighting.  If you’ve just recently gotten another set of tea lights as a present but have absolutely no clue as to how to use them, read on for a few helpful tips on the different ways to use tea lights.

Bath– To set the mood for a romantic bath, try scattering tea lights around the bathroom to give off a warm glow.  You can also set tea lights along the edge of a bath tub.  Just be sure to set the candles at least a foot away from the water.

Outdoors– If you’re feeling in the mood for an outdoor dinner, bring out tea lights placed in multi-colored glass candle holders, and set them on the table.

Yoga and meditation– Tea lights arranged in a circle will help set the mood for tranquility.  Sit in the center of the circle as you meditate.

When using tea lights, you can put a lot of them together for an intense lighting effect, or opt to use only a few for mood lighting. Lighting up your life knows no boundaries…