Walking in My Daughter’s Shoes

Still reveling in the Mother’s Day high, I feel the aching urge to write a post through the eyes of my daughter.  In my opinion, this is the world as she sees it…

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My mom? I must say that she has an incredibly thick skull.  I don’t know if she’s just plain stubborn or she simply refuses to understand these things:

–      That it’s okay for me to sometimes stumble and fall, because I can always pick myself up and learn from the experience.  Scraped knees are the sign of wisdom gained from experience.

–      That I just have to master the art of coloring inside the lines, even if she says it’s alright not to.

–      That no matter what she thinks, I will always be a die-hard fan of Disney Princesses and Phineas and Ferb.

–      That I will grow up, and fall in love, and get hurt but rise above it.

And then, there are things about her which I just don’t understand:

–      Why- when I’m away at my dad’s and she’s left home alone- she has to spend hours playing on online bingo sites (knowing the perfectionist that she is, they have to be only the best bingo sites!).  Well, I’ve heard her say a couple of times that playing bingo is a no-brainer.

–      Why she dances like nobody’s watching whenever she plays old Janet Jackson mp3s.

–      Why she sometimes cries when she’s on the phone with someone I don’t know.

–      Why she acts as if she just hit a blank wall when I ask her the reason she and my dad separated.

I’m all of six summers old, and there are huge life mysteries hanging over my head.  My mom says, I will understand in time.  But, why can’t I understand them now?  There goes another mystery…