K.I.S.S.- A.S.S. (Keeping It Short but Sweet- A Silent Soliloquy)

The thought of sleeping in on a Sunday sounded really tempting, but my cellphone wouldn’t stop vibrating from all the incoming messages.  When I finally picked it up, only then did I realize that it was Mother’s Day!

When I turned to look at the angel beside me, still sleeping with her mouth slightly open, I knew that it was a going to be a really special day… a day not meant for sleeping in.

This isn’t going to be a post riddled with a rundown of how we spent the day together, don’t you worry your pretty little head.

I won’t even give the pepper-azzi the pleasure of feasting on my daughter’s video of her singing her original Mother’s Day song for me.  No YouTube uploads here, sorry.

Suffice it to say, it was a day that will forever be etched in my mind.  That’s the feeling I want to share with you …  I hope you too had a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Marvelous Mother’s Day Goodies

I nearly leapt out of my seat when I heard that there was a package for me. I could hardly contain my excitement as I tore the plastic bag open and unleashed a load of goodies from Bambie of Azumi: My Kawaii Princess’ Story These were what I got for being the 100th follower of her blog. Lucky me! And as fate would have it, she likewise turned out to be my surprise mommy (or secret mommy? I don’t know, I’m confused!) for our PMC (Pinay Mommies Community) Mother’s’ Day card exchange. Here are the card and goodies she gave:

The pop-up card was so adorable. My daughter was even more ecstatic as I was when she saw the stickers and colorful pens. She wasted no time in claiming ownership of these cuties. Oh, and I almost forgot, the biggest one of all, was an Anna Sui bag. I love the design, and it’s big enough to carry all my essentials.

As if that wasn’t enough, I got another surprise in the mail…a Mother’s Day postcard from Mommy Rubz, also of PMC. I didn’t like it, I loved it!

Since I became a mom 5 years ago, this is the first time I’ve ever gotten Mother’s Day cards, really! I feel so blessed to be part of, what I’d like to call, “The Sisterhood of Blogging Pants”