Marking My Calendar: How I Make Time My Friend

My daughter asked me yesterday about what superpower I’d like to have.  Without batting an eyelash, I told her I wanted to have the power to stop time.  She gave me a puzzled look, as I think she expected me to say, “the power to fly, or change shape”.  But I was so sure, more than being one of the Incredibles, I wanted to be able to stop time.

Time, it seems, passes by so quickly.  The hours turn to days, and then to months at lightning speed.    This morning, as I was moving my mouse around, looking at custom made calendars on, I all the more wanted to have the power to control time.  If only I could freeze time as I pleased.

The nasty thing about time, is that it speeds past us whenever we’re having fun.  Time flies, they say.  Why does it do that when we’re at our happiest?   Is time sadistic by nature, and does it thrive on our misery?  I wonder why it doesn’t zoom past when you’re miserable!

We are feeble humans- that’s a reality.  We are bound by space and dear old time.  As much as we’d like to stretch time- to lengthen those times of romantic walks in the park, or theme park trips with the kids- we simply can’t.

To some extent, it is quite comforting that time passes by at its current rate.  It makes us cherish those wonderful moments even more, and gives hope to those in dire straits.  Knowing that “this too shall pass” sheds light on one’s suffering.

So I guess, I’ve come to terms with it, and have decided to just make time my friend.  Instead of battling wits with it, I’m going to dance with it and hold its hand (or should I say, hands- both the short and long hand!).