My Perspective Project: I’m Having a Good Hair Day

If I got paid a penny for every time I said those words, I’d probably have only enough to buy me a burger from the local diner.  But today is definitely one of those days when my hair seems to magically be under my spell.  There’s nary a strand out of place, and every hair cuticle shines like silver.  To top it all off, the sun is shining bright.  Positive vibes are all over the place.  I’m in such a good mood that I feel like giving in to those Toyota Sequioa offers and getting myself a new car!

Yes, you could say this is part of my perspective project.  Being able to appreciate a good hair day is a way of being thankful for my blessings- big or small.  I guess I’m beginning to see the beauty in even the most mundane of things.  I now realize that I have so much to be thankful for.

On the flipside, I also see how other people are envious of me.  This envy inevitably manifests itself in their insincerity.  They pretend to care, but underneath it all is a thick core of covetousness.

Enough about them.

So, are you having a good hair day too?