Single Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

Obviously I am all hyped that Cyndi Lauper is coming to town for a concert in a month’s time.  My  clandestine adoration for this 80’s shrill-voiced pop star just can’t help but make itself manifest through the title of this blog post.  Although what I really want to write about is how my single, sibling-less daughter sometimes finds that mommy just doesn’t quite cut it in the fun department.

No matter how hard I try, my girl sometimes thinks I’m not fun enough.  I dance and prance to Katy Perry, but it doesn’t take long before she gives me the displeased Simon Cowell look.  I put on a Barbie stage play in true Broadway fashion, but after half an hour, my daughter rolls her eyes in boredom.  The thrill factor of playing with mom suddenly takes an inevitable nosedive.

I guess kids like her simply yearn to play with another living and breathing entity with pretty much the same height, weight and food preferences.  I wish it were as simple as going on Amazon and finding someone for her to play with for a couple of hours.

This is where play dates come in handy.  Arranging for her to meet up and play with other kids her age can be quite taxing for a parent, though.  Scheduling a play date is almost as difficult as getting tickets to a Justin Bieber (for lack of knowledge of a more popular 2012 pop star, I picked him) concert.  Other kids- and their parents- have their own thing going. If it’s not after-school soccer, it’s Spanish language classes.

So maybe that’s a good reason to get my kid a pet?  If finally gets that puppy she’s been bugging me to get her, she won’t get bored and develop in her a sense of responsibility from caring for another living creature.  At least that’s easier than getting her a sister or brother.