How important is religion for singles dating?

Apart from occupying your time on Sundays or affecting which restaurants you dine in, religion in the early days of dating isn’t usually much of an issue. However, for singles thinking long term, it becomes much more important.

Although the principle religion in Canada is Christianity, many spiritual beliefs are prevalent in the population. When dating, religious singles are likely to fall for people with different beliefs to their own. From appeasing family members, raising children to which holidays you celebrate as a couple, faith will be a vital component of your relationship. Let’s look at how religion affects singles looking for love. 

No faith

If you sign up to a dating website like, you can find matches with the same beliefs as you. There’s always a chance you’ll date someone who isn’t spiritual, though. If you have no religion, it can be difficult to understand the importance of someone’s faith. Likewise, if you have beliefs, dating someone who doesn’t can be frustrating.

If the attraction between you is strong enough then it’s possible to compromise. One way to show support is by accompanying your partner to their place of worship.

Levels of observance

In a similar situation to dating someone with no beliefs, there are differing degrees of observance that can present a challenge to singles too. For example, a Jewish man might observe the major holidays but be less strict about other aspects of the faith. His partner on the other hand might be stricter in her beliefs. For Jewish singles that have decided to start dating, this can be a difficult situation. However, it’s important to be understanding of one another’s feelings about their faith.

Do you convert?

Another dilemma that religious singles may have to face – especially if they’re considering marriage – is whether to convert to their partner’s religion. For both sides, this is a big commitment and needs to be discussed openly and honestly. Never assume your partner is willing to covert; they may not be strict but their beliefs are still an important part of who they are.

Raising children

This stage of your relationship is a long way off. However, the key to a long and happy partnership is sharing similar values and aspirations. If things are looking serious, discuss the important issues now, like raising children in a religious household. Your faith is an important part of your identify. Let your children experience your faith but aim to give them a well-balanced view. They might end up facing similar dilemmas as you one day.