Time vs. Me: My Battle Against Time

This is the age of technological advancement.  With the click of a button or the swipe of a monitor, we are able to do stuff which we only previously imagined.  You can talk with an ex-flame from oceans away with the simple touch of a screen, or play online poker with a handsome hunk from Mexico.
I’m not all ecstatic about technology, though.  With the ever increasing number of gadgets and gizmos at our disposal, I wonder why somebody hasn’t yet come up with a time machine.  You can bet your bottom dollar that if and when a time machine finally gets invented, I’d be first in line at the store to get one for myself.
It would be my ultimate dream to go back in time, back to when I was young and without a care in the world.  When I was a child, I fully understood what having fun was all about.  Playing with my Hello Kitty toys and Barbie dolls was all that mattered then- such a far cry from all the worries that wear me down every single day.
But man’s wisdom is limited- or so it seems.  Robots and other forms of artificial intelligence are all around us, but they can’t take us back to parts of our past which we want to relive.  We make remarkable discoveries everyday, but sadly, we have come up with nothing to reverse the hands of time.  Instead, we plod on, trudging life’s rocky trails and peaks.
I guess that’s just how it’s meant to be.  We of feeble intelligence are bound by the laws of science and the universe.  There are simply some things which we must accept and not attempt to tinker with.  Playing god is as dangerous as getting a boob job from a quack doctor.
Now, as I try to conceal fine lines and other signs of aging, I realize that time is not something I should battle wits with.  It is my friend, not the enemy.  Although I may not have the same vigor as I used to, I can still do a mean Running Man…