Pride and Prejudice: The Non-Jane Austen Version

Because I’m too lazy to Google it, and I’m again having one of those memory lapses, I’ll just venture a guess and say that it was the Backstreet Boys who sang “As Long As You Love Me”.  I’m suddenly having this music flashback because an old friend came to me with a predicament:  she and her boyfriend broke up after his mom disapproved of their relationship when she found out that my friend’s mom is a single mom.

Can anybody be any more narrow-minded than her?  How dare she judge my friend’s character based on that alone.  Does being raised by a single parent diminish one’s character at all?  If anything, it should even be impressive that her mom took on the challenge of bringing her up to be a decent adult.

It goes without saying that rearing a kid by oneself is no walk in the park.  It’s a vocation riddled with challenges coming from every imaginable direction.  You learn to dodge life’s curveballs, and just grin and bear it when you have to.

It just baffles me to think that in this day and age, there still are people out there who think lowly of single mothers.  Shame on them.  They deserve to be locked up in a cell with only ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic   music piped in over and over again for an entire day!

It would break my heart to have my daughter subjected to such prejudice when she grows up.  Hopefully by then, the human brain would have evolved to become more rational and less “ass-wipey”.