Health Is- And Always Will Be- Wealth

There’s nothing like a severe infection to make one realize the value of good health.  My daughter and I just got back from a 5-day hospital confinement.  She had to be put on a drip for this infection which was wreaking havoc on her body.

I was out of sorts when the ER doctor told me my daughter had to be kept in the hospital to be treated. That was her “virgin” hospital confinement, and my insides went ballistic at the mere thought of my precious girl being subjected to all forms of needle pricks and whatnot.

Now that she’s back to her old bubbly self, I am finally able to heave a heavy sigh of relief.  It has also got me thinking about my own health.  I must admit that it’s something I take for granted, as I put my daughter’s welfare above all things.  Even my penchant for watching Friends reruns has taken a back seat, I confess.

But now I realize that if I want my daughter to have the best of everything, I must take good care of myself.  She depends on me for most, if not all, of her needs.  If I wasn’t in the pink of health, my daughter would find herself in the direst of situations.

I’m taking a more proactive role in keeping myself healthy.  For instance, instead of going on a crash diet, I’m going to try out those red cell press capsules which act as appetite suppressants.  They’re a healthier alternative which won’t jeopardize my well-being.  I’m also going to walk more.

What concrete steps have you taken lately in keeping yourself healthy?