Advantages to a Center for Surrogate Parenting

If you and your spouse are interested in having a child but cannot do it naturally, take comfort in knowing there are still a number of ways of proceeding. Some couples are interested in adoption, but there are a few couples who want a child who is of their own flesh and blood. These families who have it within their means to do so opt to visit a center for surrogate parenting. A center will typically perform in vitro fertilization on a surrogate mother screened and selected for the task. There are several advantages to this approach, so review these if you are interested in surrogacy to bring your child into the world.

Benefits for the Surrogate Mother

You may be concerned that you are imposing on another person if you choose this option. However, you should realize that there are several benefits a surrogate mother will receive from this process. For one, a surrogate mother is usually generously compensated for what she does, so she does get something out of this deal. The mother receives the money during the pregnancy and post-birth. She can use this money to improve her quality of life. The surrogate mother is also rewarded in other ways. She gets the satisfaction that she helped bring a new life into this world and can give her child to loving parents.

High Success Rate

The couples who choose surrogacy do so because it’s often less risky than a traditional pregnancy. The intended mother may have a serious medical issue such as diabetes or kidney disease that would result in complications during pregnancy. Such circumstances could be dire for the mother or the fetus. In some cases, a baby could inherit a deadly disease from the mother. A surrogate pregnancy is the best chance for the child to make it into the world. Recent statistics indicate a high success rate for surrogate pregnancies. That rate is 70 to 90%, so you don’t have to be concerned so much about gambling away your money. For finding more about your specific chances of a successful surrogate pregnancy, be sure you visit a center for surrogate parenting.