Cleaning as a Fun Activity

That’s right – you read it correctly. Cleaning might be tiresome and annoying for most of us, but it’s really all about having the right attitude and the motivation throughout the cleaning process. Cleaning can be just as fun and rewarding as any other task – after all it’s done for maintaining one’s home.

If you have a clean home, it’s less stressful to invite guests at the last minute. You have to admit that you sometimes get that urge to invite friends over, but suddenly hold back once you realize that with all the mess around your house- the toilet needs thorough cleaning and there are nasty stains and marks on the windows- it may even take you longer to clean the flat than your friends’ actual visit.

Having a clean home is a true blessing – it makes us confident and proud. It also makes us healthier – whether you believe it or not. Dust and dirt that stay in the house for a long time reduce the air quality and cause breathing problems and illnesses.

How can you turn cleaning into a fun activity and make cleaning less boring? First of all, have a good schedule and follow it religiously every time you clean. This way, even if you feel a lack of motivation, you’ll know it must be done.

Second, find a way to motivate yourself to start cleaning. This is one of the best tricks – stop viewing cleaning as a house chore and see it as an opportunity to make your home better.

Third, clean on the go and learn how to be neater in general. This rule never grows old, because it’s the best rule of thumb. If you manage to clean spills and tidy up whenever you see the problem, your home will be much cleaner, neater and healthier.

Remember that starting with your least favourite task or area to clean at home is the best way to approach this. You have the most motivation in the beginning, so before you know it you will be finished with cleaning the toilet or vacuuming the floors and the carpets. Play some of your favourite upbeat music while you clean – the rhythm will surely help you stay energetic and positive. Music can make a big difference during a house cleanup.

If you want to finish with cleaning quickly, involve your children as well. Distribute tasks among them and try to reward them afterwards. Don’t make cleaning look like torture – point out its benefits and show them that you greatly appreciate their help and involvement. Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be done all at once. If you clean on the go and tidy up regularly, you wouldn’t need to spend the entire weekend doing everything – cleaning, washing up, cooking and tidying up.

Gradually try to teach yourself that cleaning is not a task that takes up that much time or effort – a little bit goes a long way in maintaining a clean and healthy house. If you make it a habit to clean every time you have some free time and when you are not tired, it will no longer be a chore, but something you can actually look forward to.