Revisiting an Ex-Love

The heart is a very fragile thing.  Once broken, it takes time before it heals completely.  Between a heartbreak and recovery, the shattered person goes through countless drinking sessions and internal battles as to whether or not he should un-friend his or her ex on Facebook or send out deprecating emails to everyone the ex knows.

But before you jump to any conclusions, let me make it clear that I’m not getting back together with an old flame- although that doesn’t entirely sound like a bad idea.  The ex-love that I’m revisiting is something I used to love doing a lot of years ago: watching TV.

I remember when I first had a taste of cable TV.  I was simply overwhelmed by the wide selection of shows to choose from.   I probably would’ve had a more memorable TV viewing experience then if I had access to more channels like those on Channel Choice TV.

My favorites then used to be Friends and Ally McBeal.  I’d rather sit and bury myself in these programs than go out.  The TV screen seemed to just suck me into a world where everything was fun.  Canned laughter then became a reality for me.

With the advent of the internet and social networking, I found myself watching less and less TV.  The old friend had to take a back seat and give way to mouse clicks and spying on people’s online profiles.  Entertainment then took on a different form.

But this weekend, I started going back to the boob tube.  Now however, I find myself drawn more to documentaries than to comedy shows.  Age has probably a lot to do with my newfound preference.  Either that, or things simply aren’t the same without Punky Brewster around.

Television will always have its appeal, I guess.  No matter what, I’ll always keep coming back to the arms of this old love.