Cool Uses for Dry Ice

One of my distinct memories of childhood was playing “witch” with my neighborhood friends. We’d get together every afternoon after school, and gather around our makeshift cauldron. We’d throw in some dry ice and be like crazy witches over the fog and bubbles. Our shrilly laughs made for a more memorable experience. But aside from playing an important role in enhancing the enjoyment of a girl’s growing up years, dry ice has lots of other cool uses.

If you’re going on a picnic or on a camping trip, you can use dry ice to keep your food fresh. Pack some dry ice at the bottom of your cooler, and keep your refrigerated items in there. They’ll stay cool and fresh for days. What’s nice about dry ice is, well, it’s dry. Unlike regular ice, it doesn’t melt and won’t leave your stuff wet. Dry ice turns to gas, and keeps your food cool- not wet.

Surprise, surprise, dry ice can be used as a mosquito repellant. If you’re having an outdoor cookout or going camping, you can use some dry ice to keep pesky mosquitos at bay. Place a few pieces around your yard- away from people. When dry ice melts, it releases carbon dioxide which naturally attracts mosquitoes. They’ll then stay near the dry ice and away from you and your guests.

You can keep the kids preoccupied by making fog with dry ice. In order to get the thickest and most long-lasting fog, use warm water with a water-to-dry-ice ratio of 3:1.

With the many uses of dry ice, you just might find yourself addicted and ask Santa for a dry ice blaster for next Christmas. click here, and your wish may come true.

photo credit: photoloni via photopin cc