The Great Pet Debate

Even if I tried, I couldn’t count with the fingers on my hand the number of times my daughter has egged me to get her a pet. She has done every pleading strategy to get me to say yes to her request, but I simply won’t budge. But it’s hard to say no to the one you love so dearly. So goes the great pet debate between mother and child.

She badly wants a puppy, and doesn’t mind cleaning pet stains on carpet floors, she claims. I contest that the condo admin prohibits pets in the compound. She then asks, but why does she hear barking from the next door neighbor. Before I concede, I negotiate with her and try to ask if we could probably get a pet other than a dog- a goldfish, perhaps? She says she’ll think it over.

As I toy with the idea in my head, I realize that it probably is not so bad for my kid to have a pet. Caring for another living thing teaches one responsibility, and if anything, that certainly builds character. Cleaning up after a puppy or feeding it gives one a sense of selflessness. And of course, this will lead to a loving relationship between my kid and her pet. Since she doesn’t have brothers or sisters, having a pet to play with will make up for it- that’ll spare me the issue of sibling rivalry, for one!

The debate doesn’t end here. I’ll present her with other options: a hamster, maybe. Just no reptiles, please!