Simple Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out When it Gets Cold

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Isn’t it tempting to pull the covers over your head in the early morning as opposed to getting out of bed and going on your jog or heading to the gym? Or, even in the afternoon when it is cold as well it’s a lot easier to stay bundled up on the sofa while watching your favorite TV shows. However, your body isn’t going to get fit or enough exercise that way. That’s why it’s vital to set your own goals and make sure you’re keeping yourself motivated by implementing a healthy diet and taking your multivitamins as well.

Why Are you Working Out? – Besides answering the obvious, you work out to stay healthy and get fit. But, you also should work out because you want to work out. If you having a hard time coming up with an answer to this question, come with reasonable goals. Maybe you want to look your best for a spring or summer vacation or you’re suffering from anxiety and running and other forms of exercise alleviate your symptoms. Whatever the case may be, come up with a number of goals that will help you stay motivated and more willing to exercise on those days you’re feeling tempted to stay in bed.

Switch Up Your Routine – As the fall and winter time settle in it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and do the same exercising routine day after day. Instead of hopping on the treadmill yet again, try going to a few classes like zumba or a cycling class, for example. You may find a class that you absolutely love and you can make it a part of your weekly working out plan. Soon enough you’ll be on a schedule that you love thanks to great instructors and classes that you enjoy.

Eat Healthy and Take your Vitamins – Providing your body with the right nutrients and multivitamins will increase your energy level, therefore increasing your desire to stay fit. It’s easy to not be exposed to enough sunlight during the winter time so make sure you’re taking a vitamin with vitamin D in it. If you’re body has the right form of nutrients it will be more energized and you’ll feel more wide awake when it’s snowy and cold outside. You’ll also be more willing to drive to the gym and get a workout in!


Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger at her blog Ocean Dreams. She’s trying to stay fit during the fall and winter time and setting up goals and taking multivitamins is a part of her strategy.