Talking Scales: The Truth Does Set You Free

If you have poor eyesight and challenged computing skills, it is time to bring out the talking scale from Target. It is perfectly alright to admit that your eyesight is not what it used to be, or that your conversion and mathematical skills are not at par with the experts’, you can admit defeat and pull out that talking scale you have purchased. What do you mean you still have no talking scale? Then head on to and select the best one for your needs. With reliable shipping and handling, your scale will arrive safe and sound right at your very own doorstep.

Best Talking Scales for Different Purposes
For home spas or guest bathrooms, you can place an extra wide scale or glass kitchen scale that is very easy to clean up. If you are on a strict diet or exercise routine, the best way to record and keep track of your weight management and loss is through a digital talking scale. You can now bid goodbye to having to stoop low just to see the accurate record of your weight because honestly, the moment you create the slightest move, it upsets the scale and you doubt whether or not you are getting the right reading. A back light and digital numbers make it easy for you to measure your weight at any time of the day, whether you have your scale indoors, in your bathroom or bedroom, or at the back of your house where you have your gym equipment or in the basement.

Because cleaning up can be quite a breeze for your scales, you can get various scales of different sizes and of different styles to go together with your bathroom fixtures or gym equipment, most especially of your home spa furniture as well. If you have a room dedicated to wellness and healthy living that is smartly decorated in white, choose the right scale that lets you decorate in the same color scheme. It is easy, and you can pick out the right one from the online catalogue at Target. Payments are secure and take less than a minute, and with so many to choose from, you simply have to make up your mind from the classic to the ultra-modern types.

Even talking scales of various sizes have many practical uses. The best talking scales are multi-purpose in nature, and you can record your progress before and after your rigid workouts, as well as your daily morning routine of watching your weight. You can simply position one on your bathroom floor, in your closet or anywhere that is visible for you to step on every morning. If you are such a conscious, healthy person, now is the right time to stop doing adjustments and calculations in your head. A talking scale does not lie, and you can stop convincing yourself that you have consumed more than what you should have at dessert. Be on the safe side; get a scale that tells it to you outright. A digital talking scale can help you keep track of your weight, and you can enjoy being healthy and active all year round.

Talking Scale Specifications That Are Useful 
Invest in a practical talking scale knowing that you can get the best value from every purchase made at Target. You can get free shipping for every purchase over $50 too. Each talking scale comes with a 20 year warranty, and you can trust on durable stainless steel and materials that serve you well for the many years to come. Most scales come with a non-slip surface so there will be reduced incidences of accidents when you decide to step on the scale after you have come from the shower.

Most scales are lightweight and damage resistant. Whether you are comfortable with lbs or kgs readings, you can get digital readings and easy to read numbers, and a friendly voice that gives you accurate readings that reduce errors on weight records. Most scales are battery operated and have an energy-saving feature when not in use. It is for every member of the family, whether you are monitoring your baby’s growth, measuring your kid’s progress during the critical years of development, or sticking true to your diet, having a scale right in your own home is very convenient for referencing and health management.

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  1. I suppose talking scales are cool, but Im not one for constant weight measurement

  2. Roxi @ Mr. Jacob's Mom says

    Maybe I should get a talking scale that will tell me to shed off the pounds every day!

  3. Clever post! You have a point about weight shifting when we bend over to read the weight on non-talking scales.

  4. Talking weighing scale is such a cool concept. I just hope it shout out loud that I’m overweight.

  5. Well I would want a talking weighing scale if only to remind me how far off I am from my target weight.

  6. Thanks for sharing us some tips about tracking scales. Some people prefer not to track their weight though until a certain program of them is finished.

  7. Lol! This will be a good tool for me to “over and over” remind me to lose weight! LOL!

  8. Oh wow! Talking weighing scale :-) got me curious. I might check on that at Target. Just got home from the store and they have amazing deals already.

  9. Now this is funny, but I guess I need this to tell me that I need to shed off some pounds :-)

  10. I agree with Franc. I wouldn’t want my scale to say my weight out loud, lol. :)

  11. I’m not very conscious about my weight but having a talking scale may change my mind because it’s quite interesting to hear it say … I’m in perfect shape! LOL!

  12. I’ve always heard the truth will set you free.
    Tonight, it made a prisoner out of me

  13. talking scale would definitely be useful… especially to those who weighs but doesn’t look at the scale. hahaha. kidding aside, it’ll be helpful especially to people with eye problems. Yahweh bless.

  14. wow , does this mean my analog scale has to retire ? anyway , great deal for a “talking weighing scale ” but as of now i have shifted on not to concern myself on my weight as it gives me extra stress upon seeing the number …arrggg

  15. yes, i have a poor eyesight and this is perfect for me. what a great concept!

  16. I actually don’t own a weighing scale ’cause I’m not really weight conscious but more figure conscious. I think it’s important that I get a weighing scale for myself though. It might be useful some day :)

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