The Coffee Experience: Single Mom Style

I’d like to consider myself to be fairly normal, but why do I find myself watching American Idol reruns on an otherwise productive Saturday afternoon?  Maybe my daughter’s undeniable crush on Phillip Phillips has slightly rubbed off on me.  I don’t know, maybe it’s still within the bounds of normalcy after all.

My AI viewing experience will not be complete without a hot cuppa.  I’m one of those who can’t seem to let a day go by without a cup of coffee.  Brewed or instant, hot or cold, I’m a huge fan.  I don’t know if it’s the caffeine rush or the yummy coffee flavor which helps enhance every experience for me.  Sitting in front of the TV becomes a total indulgence when accompanied with coffee.  The aroma alone helps me live in the moment, oblivious to the pile of dirty laundry looming in the horizon.

As I’m always open to new things, I did a little Googling on the topic of coffee, and hoped to learn something different.  I came across organic coffee.  Simply put, it means growing coffee using methods which do not harm the environment.  In this day and age, anything organic is always promising.

I was especially drawn to Organo Gold gourmet mocha.  Give me anything with the slightest hint of chocolate, and I’m your slave for life.  This particular type of organic coffee is infused with the health benefits of a type of red mushroom.  It’s almost like taking your vitamins with coffee.

This is another one of those Saturdays with my daughter away.  Although I miss her like hell, this solitude does help me reconnect with myself.  With coffee as my companion, I think I may just make it through this weekend…


About Pepper

I am a single working mom, trying to raise my kid the best way I know how. Join me as I navigate my way through the jungle that is Single Mom-hood, armed with rose-colored glasses and strength of spirit. As pepper adds spice to food, so does my daughter add spice to my life. She makes life no less than…PEPPERRIFIC!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting. Nice post but I think it’s better if you add a single photo to it :)

  2. I’ve never developed much of a taste for coffee (or any hot drinks) but I do like a latte from Starbucks every once in a while.

    • An occasional Starbucks latte is a welcome break from routine, I guess :)

      • Hi Pepper,
        I just took my last sip of OrganoGold Mocha for the night, the Ganoderma extract in the coffee is a healthy substance. I was delighted to read that you take and love organoGold coffe. There Latte is cool too!
        God’s grace!

  3. Deadbeat daddy on the PTA is here to give you a bit of advice for you: call your cable provider and cancel your subscription. follow this up moving your tv so it isn’t the center of your existence anymore like to the side of the room. Don’t let it take center stage like it does now (im assuming as it does in all households). Why does tv sit like a king when it should be the court jester?

    Deadbeat daddy on the PTA obviously knows all about $$$ and knows money talks. But youll be scoring the brownie points with all your viewers when you get to the other benefit, your brain suffers from looking at thst device. Your kids suffers more i bet.

    In fact I tell my daughter its frying her brain whenever I see the McDonald’s and Walmart commercials start pouring in if we are at a friends house or something. I swear to god every time I look in her ear I hear cackling frying sounds of brains frying.

    Needless to say we don’t have cable or satellite or any of that. We use it strictly for Netflix and DVDs.

    Enemy #1 is not the tv itself here it is of course its the television advertisements. I see no need to subject her to any more mind bending government sponsored brainwashing because she already sees enough of it just immersed in this culture as it is.

    Where is your daughter at on occasional scheduled Saturdays anyhow? I’d be lying if i didn’t think Saturday morning cartoons were exempt from this rule. Unfortunetly they don’t exist any longer. We got it on DVD now but it obviously isn’t the same. Trying to explain to my daughter how I had 1 shot to catch my favorite cartoons 1 day if the week and I set my alarm on Saturday to do so just gets me weird strange stares that usually end in her telling me something like “the 20th century sounds so weird”.

    But wheres the kid? It sounds like you have her enrolled in a day camp perhaps?

    **Deadbeat daddy on the PTA**

    • My daughter stays at her dad’s during weekends. My ex husband. :)

      • Damn he was reduced to a weekend warrior, heartbreaking. Did he want/ask/ try for more but lost? I’m always curious to hear the arrangements in these situations. Needless to say men regardless of how good of a father get ramrodded on everything from the custody to the money. Personally I don’t see how winning one battle makes you automatically lose another battle. Let’s see, you get reduced to seeing your kid like 20 times a year for a couple days here and there (or in my case for my younger daughter, not to allowed to see her at all) which is the shittiest thing to do to a kid and a parent. And then to stab the wound in harder the side benefit is losing all your money too? The parent who gets the kid more gets to enjoy the child and has the benefit of being a “real” parent both legally and emotionally. So I think they should have to pay the other parent as compensation for this. Kind of like when a dude rapes a woman and many times the criminal has to pay the victim x amount of money for emotional damages. Not that it makes up for what is done, but offers some kind of dignity for the people.

        The way we got it set up the woman getting raped (in this scenario) pays the god damn rapist! And the more raped she got, the more she pays. Tell me that isn’t a bigger incentive to both rape women and rape them as damaging as you can.

        Of course that’s not reality.

        I’m wondering if the rules were set up a little differenty just how things would go down. Imagine this in court:

        Judge: “okay you two. I’m awarding one of you the money and a couple says here and there just to catch up on things. The other gets the kid Fulltime. I’m assuming you both want the kid right?”


        Strangely I have that situation. In fact I got both situations. I have a kid Fulltime and no money, 100% absent mother walked away when she was 2. Just put my daughter to bed.

        Then I have another daughter who I am court ordered to pay all the money cuz she went on welfare. And I don’t have any visits at all. She managed to get them removed. I’ve been to court 3 times working on another appeal and no kid. Haven’t seen her in 2 years. Lost my job last year and couldn’t pay the “child support” any longer, went to court for a reduction, they actually did nothing. In fact they raised it. This is a true story so help me god. Cost of living adjustment or smething.

        Which of course legally now I am a deadbeat dad. And yeah I’m on the PTA too. Shit I’m on the board of my kids PTA. That’s where I got my screen name. I love being a deadbeat dad on the pta so much that i made it the name of my new blog.

        Take care.
        **deadbeat dad on the PTA**

  4. I’ve lost my taste for coffee this pregnancy. But I can’t live without my cup of tea. I even had to go out and buy myself a bigger cup!

    • I have yet to develop a love for tea :). Aren’t there some types of tea which are unsafe to drink during pregnancy?

      • I think they warn you against raspberry leaves early on… I’m sure there are others, but I;m staying pretty safe and boring.

  5. That sounds interesting, as far as I know mushrooms stay on top of the top foods to eat for health all the time. I am going to check it out.



  6. Sometimes, I have to watch something really dumb on TV too. It is just a complete break from everything. I have to have 3 cups of coffee every morning!;)

  7. Gosh, the worst thing about being pregnant is I can’t have coffee… I miss it so much!!!! I should check out organic when I start drinking it again, I get organic food but I never thought to look for organic coffee.

  8. i love coffee. I am a coffee-addict and I will always stay that way. Even when I was pregnant, I still drink coffee. I asked my OB, she allowed up to two cups every day! wahahah

  9. That’s the best way to think of it — the solitude can help you reconnect with yourself. And that’s a great thing.

    • Yup, we do need to touch base with ourselves, don’t we? :) And then we realize that we’re still the same old person we always were.

  10. Hang in there – she’ll be back! Yes, we all end up watching our kids’ shows and singing their teeny-bopper songs. I think it’s just part of parenthood. I so wish I could enjoy coffee as so many do. I just can’t drink it with loads of sugar and flavored creamer, making it more of a killer calorie overload than a sip of ‘joe’.

    • Oh yes, even when I’m alone, I find myself watching Phineas and Ferb! Thanks for the encouraging words.

  11. I have at least 5 cups a day….and enjoy every single drop…have you heard about the many health benefits of coffee? incredible how good it is for you!!

  12. Yes. Must have coffee. No one in the house is happy until I’ve had my coffee ;-)

  13. Organo is a wonderful product. I’m yet to see someone who doesn’t like it..Thanks for stopping over and i hope you have a wonderful day..

  14. I love coffee too…that Organo Gold coffee sounds good. :-)

  15. I’ve heard about Organo Gold before but I haven’t tried it yet. I love coffee so for me this is also a must-try!

  16. I love coffee but I’m not a connoisseur in that I don’t drink it black like my friends and I can’t tell if it’s mild or whatever. I like it creamy with flavors added :) It’s something we all have in common with my lunch group. We look forward to coffee and chats after our lunch.

  17. My coffee cravings started when I was still working. I’d skip breakfast since I just didn’t feel like eating anything (bad, I know) so a cup of joe usually would get me through the am til lunch. =)

  18. Coffee!!! I should check out that oregano gold you are talking about.

    You had me at “slight hint of chocolate”

  19. Ohmygod, what is this gourmet mocha thing ha? I can smell temptation from here. Lately I’ve been trying to drink more water and less coffee, and eat less chocolate. AND. I. MISERABLY. FAILED. Especially if there’s free-flowing coffee in the place you write. Hah, did you say you love coffee? I do, too. :D

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