The Contemporary Movement at Churches

The rise of the Megachurch has inspired a lot of change when it comes to traditionally strict Christian beliefs. While the progressive Christian church continues to teach many Christian values, the method of teaching and the encouragement to openly express feelings are dramatic changes from conventional practices. Members new and old are weighing their options on what kind of spiritual connection they are looking for.

New Thoughts and Changing Perceptions
The 21st century churches are not only changing the environment to appeal to a casual and modern society, they are also encouraging humans to explore the Bible as it is written rather than as it has been negatively interpreted. A controversial book by Ed Young has gotten many Christians back into thinking about their feelings toward God, reports The book, “Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy With Your Spouse,” encourages married couples to enjoy the marriage bed instead of thinking of the activity as dirty and against Biblical intentions.

Churches of Old
In modern society, many individuals are uncomfortable in the traditional churches. As read on the Courier Press, churches are seeing a decline in attendance and it is partially due to the traditional requirements that make it feel stifling to contemporary individuals. It is the change over time that led to stern edicts, strict clothing and the formal building. Now, churches are welcoming comfort and ease when going to church, creating a homely feel to their buildings and worship centers. In our book, cushy theater seating trumps hardwood pews any day.

Contemporary Changes
According to the Huffington Post, the contemporary church was originally developed in Chicago, Illinois. The changes that set contemporary churches apart include casual clothing, the use of modern technology, and the change in music the congregation enjoys. Contemporary churches were originally designed to bring in those who had given up on church or who felt church was not appropriate for them due to the formality of the sermons. Changes in sermons from negative and damning to more gracious and understanding has drawn in more members, based on the basis of acceptance and grace rather than hellfire and brimstone.

Intimacy According to Evangelism
Evangelical pastor Ed Young points out that the Bible gives clear instructions when it comes to physical intimacy. In marriage, God encourages couples to enjoy physical intimacy because they are free to give their heart and will not be hurt by the action. The changing perceptions about the messages in the Bible attract many individuals because it changes the traditional ideas. Instead of working toward perfect behavior, contemporary churches strive to follow the guidelines of the Bible and ask forgiveness for sins.

Instead of strict formality, the successful contemporary churches like Pastor Young’s are making the environment about casual praise. It is reaching out to those who are feeling lost and providing a place that is enjoyable, modern and comfortable. Church is changing from the traditions of older generations to make the lessons comfortable for modern men and women.

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