The Creative Domicile: 4 Ways to Make Your House a Home

Making a house or an apartment feel like home requires personal touches, favorite objects, and decorations that put you in your element. When you’re working with a smaller living space, incorporating these homelike necessities can prove challenging. But you don’t need a lot of space to enjoy the small comforts that will make your living space all yours — a place you’re proud to call home. All you need is some creativity and the following four tips.

Balance a Monochromatic Look With Various Textures

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A monochromatic look can work regardless of your house size. A monochromatic color scheme can be especially attractive in small spaces, making the space seem cleaner and less cluttered. The key to pulling off this color scheme is to break up the monotony by incorporating different textures. For example, you might feature a shaggy area rug, a crocheted throw on the sofa or a chair, or a suede pillow, all in the same color.

Separate Different Portions of a Room

Creating separate spaces for different living activities is especially important if you’re trying to make a place feel more like home.

Regardless of the size of the place you’re decorating, you can make the most of your space by using aesthetically appealing dividers to keep your living area, work area, kitchen, and bedroom separate from one another. In a small apartment space, for example, use a large curtain to separate your bed from the rest of the apartment. A large canopy draped around your bed would work too. Similarly, you can also try separating your kitchen or living area with a tall bookcase.

Showcase Your Passion

This decorating tip is as utilitarian as it is creative, and those working with small spaces will love it as well. Rather than cluttering your home with decorative accents that have little meaning to you, why not put your hobby on display?

For example, if you paint, position your easel, canvasses, paints, and a few paintings prominently in one of your rooms. Alternatively, if you play guitar or piano, let your instrument, music stand, and other props serve a dual purpose as design objects.

Give the Kids’ Artwork a Promotion

If you’re a parent, your refrigerator may now be or once was covered with masterpieces the kids drew or painted. Why relegate your kids’ artistic works to the refrigerator when they could help give your home that personal touch?

Choose one or two of your favorite kid-made artworks — maybe of the family pet or the family itself — and mat and frame them in a frame that complements your decor. Not only will your kids be thrilled to have their work so admired, but you’ll also have a meaningful, decorative accent for a living room or family room.

Whether you’re working with a five-bedroom home or a 500-square-foot studio apartment, there’s no reason you can’t transform the space you have into something distinctly you. The ideas presented above can help you make even the most ordinary of living spaces extraordinary.


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