The Gifts Your Best Friend Bride Really Wants

If your best friend has just announced her engagement, chances are she’s going to be coming to you for some help. Weddings are huge events that cost thousands. What she needs from you is attention to detail, honesty, and support. Your friend certainly doesn’t need another tea set or vase. Give her a gift she will treasure forever – a wedding to remember!

Dress shopping will be quite high on her agenda, and you will undoubtedly be invited. What you need to bring to this exciting shopping excursion is the gift of sensitive language. If she has her heart set on a dress that really doesn’t suit her, can you find the most tactful way to suggest a different direction? What if you hate her choice of bridesmaid outfit for you? How will you tackle this without hurting feelings?

Cutting the guest list down to size is a common problem that can result in spats between the bride and groom. If you can help eliminate a few sensitively, the happy couple will be delighted. Seating arrangements, travel arrangements, and accommodation arrangements are also problematic at this stage. Remind the bride this is for the guests to work out, and steer her to make wedding invitations instead. Keep her engaged with creative tasks to reduce her stress.


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Kids and flowers are two of the biggest challenges a best friend will have to rise to. Your gift to your bride Besty could be to take care of the smaller members of the wedding party. Flower Girls and Page Boys can get stroppy, tired, loud, and uncooperative. If you can manage to keep them entertained, engaged, and excited in a muted way, you will have given the happy couple the best gift they could ask for! Pocket tissues, kids games on your phone, and small stuffed animals should be in your emergency kit when you’re taking care of children.

As for the flowers, be prepared to drive all over town without losing a single bud or petal. If you’re charged with picking them up from the florist, your role won’t end there. You’ll need to furnish the men with their button holes, the Mothers with their hairpieces, and the bridesmaids with their half bouquets. Finally, you can present the bride with her bridal bouquet without her knowing a thing about the traffic jams, mixed up hats, or problems with pink roses off season.

It’s the big day, and your best friend bride is having last minute jitters. You’re still not dressed, and her makeup is definitely going to need to be redone. Are you ready to give the gift of clarity and purpose? It sounds pretty dramatic and important, but the truth is your friend needs you now more than ever. Reassurance, support, and positive thinking are things you should be able to offer in abundance. Maybe it’s time to crack open that tea set and offer her a cuppa to settle her nerves? As a best friend to a bride, you are the superhero who knows exactly what to give her when she needs it.


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