The importance of quiet time for kids

I can’t blame you if you sometimes think that they might have been dumped here by aliens from a distant planet.  Kids are so hyper that it often baffles us as to where they get all their energy from.  They seem like overcharged machines which never get tired running and moving about.

We parents must realize that although it’s amusing to see our kids having fun engaging in active physical play, they too need some downtime.  Just like us, our kids also need to have some quiet time.  Children likewise are victims of stress.  But unlike us adults who know when to lie low once we start to feel the onset of stress, kids barely know the signs of stress.  So, it would help if we set aside some quiet time for them everyday, to help detach them from stressful situations.

Scheduled quiet time for our kids does offer a lot of benefits.  Some worthwhile quiet time activities could be doing artwork, puzzles, reading, or writing while listening to soothing music.  These help enhance their creativity because low-key activities teach them to focus.  They also learn to be patient and reflective.  As a bonus for us parents, quiet time develops in the child the ability to just sit still and enjoy silently playing alone.

This focus and inner discipline which quiet time enhances in the child soon carries over to his schoolwork.  He then becomes more prepared to handle tasks not only in school, but also out in the real world.


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  1. rest time is really important!

    by the way, just in case you want to see our class picture (with your cousin and me in the same class…) check out :)

  2. wow sis, love your site’s new dress:) when can i have mine edited kaya? btw, pls support me on my Levitate entry. TIA!

  3. Love the site’s new look!

    Thanks for this blog entry. It has taught me to relax a bit whenever my daughter is quiet and simply sitting down to draw or flip the pages of a book. I worry kasi that maybe she is bored. A bit of quiet time is good pala. :D

  4. I agree with the benefits of quiet time. My little one is wild but is picking up on my opposite tendencies of quietness and calm. We practice meditation together and read together a ton. (See how it works here:

    It’s just the two of us so it’s books for Single moms for me (which you can find a great list of here:

    In case you are interested, these books are also great for quiet engagement for toddlers and preschool kids:

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