The Most Haunted Spots at Florida’s Disney World

The Magic Kingdom just might seem a little more magical when you hear more about the haunted hot spots in this amusement park. Whether you stay in a hotel, rent a vacation home like those from Bluegreen or stay at a Disney resort, you can view all the haunted spots in the park during your trip.

Haunted Mansion Ghosts

You might expect to see a few ghosts on a ride called the Haunted Mansion, but some who take this ride see more than just a few fake ghosts. Hundreds of people over the years requested that their loved ones scatter their ashes at the attraction, and while Disney always turns them down, some sneak in and do it anyway. That might explain why some visitors caught a glimpse of a ghostly little boy riding in an unoccupied car and wandering through other parts of the ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Long before it was a hit string of movies, Pirates of the Caribbean was just another ride at Disney World. Legend says that this popular ride is home to a ghostly man named George. George was supposedly one of the many men working on getting the attraction up and running before the park opened for the season. There are a number of stories told about how he died, but all those stories end with the claim that he haunts the ride. Workers claim that they often see a shadowy figure when viewing the camera feeds from around the park and that the figure disappears into thin air. Riders witnessed the man standing in the background too.

Splash Mountain

The ghost of a former park visitor allegedly haunts Splash Mountain in Disney World too. Park workers claim that an older man riding began experiencing the tell tale signs of a heart attack but didn’t know how to call for help. He attempted to climb off the ride and was crushed when the log he was in rolled right over top of him. Workers feel uneasy when working in this part of the park. They hear someone whispering their names, feel something standing behind them and generally feel strange.

Space Mountain

The ghost of another man who died at the park haunts Space Mountain. According to legend, he loved the ride so much in life that he keeps coming back night after night and getting on the ride whenever there is a free seat available. Those riding on their own sometimes feel something brush up against them as if there was someone in the empty seat next to them. Workers reported seeing a man riding the cars later at night who disappears when the ride ends.

Mission Space

Though not technically in Disney World, there is a ghost haunting Mission Space in nearby EPCOT. During its first year of operation, a little boy died on the ride. Workers at the park feel cold spots that settle in the exact spot where he died and hear the sounds of a little boy laughing and giggling. Many believe he likes coming back and recreating the fun he had on his last day on earth.

If you decide to head to Orlando and check out Disney World, keep your eyes peeled for the ghosts haunting this theme park.

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