The Reality of Hair Care

They say that our hair is the part of our body that is most exposed to all types of dirt. It has the highest risk of catching oil, dust, smoke, and other unwanted types of dirt from polluted air. You may wash your hair thoroughly, but there is a huge chance that not all dirt is removed from our hair and scalp. It sounds really disgusting, but it’s the truth. Our hair and scalp get exposed to all kinds of pollution, sunlight, and heat- making it more prone to being dirty.

Being dirty doesn’t sound like such a big deal- and maybe it isn’t- but having dirty hair may mean that it is more susceptible to bacteria that can ultimately cause infections and hair fall problems. Hair loss is the result of unhealthy scalp and weak hair follicles. With the Philippines’ weather and environmental pollution, it’s not impossible for our whole head to catch bacteria and dirt. You may think “I’ll just wash my hair”, but again, it doesn’t stop there. Washing, of course, helps prevent the spread of bacteria, but it’s still better to use products that will surely get rid of any dirt residue.

A lot of cosmetic shops and stores offer products that you can use for your hair, but not all of these will work on all types of scalps. Trying out a product or two won’t hurt, but consulting professionals is better, plus, they can give you the right products for your type of scalp. So, don’t think twice and visit Svenson, the best hair care center, to start your hair care journey!

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