The Top Secret of Kids Who Do Not Get Sick

When my normally inquisitive and enthusiastic tween suddenly became silent as a lamb one day, I knew something was amiss. True enough, she was feeling down because her best friend from school has been absent for days because of the flu. It’s that time of year when nasty bugs go around, infecting kids of all ages.

And then, by happenstance, I caught the latest Ceelin Plus commercial on TV. It showed kids armed with their “milk and biscuit” shields, caught in a battlefield while fighting various sicknesses. It meant to show how powerful sicknesses seem to be nowadays, that we need to give our kids more protection from these.  You may view the video here:

  1. Ceelin’s FB Page:
  2. Ceelin YouTube Page:

I did some research on Ceelin Plus, and found out that the Vitamin C and Zinc in 1 measly teaspoon of it is equivalent to 10 glasses of milk. Now, that’s amazing! This combination of Vit. C and Zinc gives a whole lot of protection from disease, and when one is sick, it lessens the duration of the sickness.

This is probably what accounts for my daughter’s strong immune system. I have always given her Ceelin Plus as a supplement to healthy eating, so despite her classmates falling sick left and right, she still is pretty much up and about.

Times are really different now, and we as parents must take that extra step towards shielding our children from sickness.

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