The WAHM Ambition: Could I? Should I?

I have quite mastered it: the art of staring blankly into space.  For quite some time now, I find myself constantly lost in thought, fixing my gaze on a random object while I’m in the office- with anyone hardly noticing.

Obviously, I’m unhappy at work.  But it’s not because of my boss, as she is heaven sent.  It’s the work itself.  I’ve been slaving away for the longest time, but apparently, any dreams of career advancement will have to fly out the window.  In this company, the position I presently hold is the highest possible position they can give me (and to think I’m a licensed professional!).

I’m stuck in a no-brainer job.

So, my thoughts inadvertently teeter towards those of becoming a WAHM, or work-at-home mom (can also mean write-at-home mom, if you want).  I can almost imagine the sheer bliss of working in my pajamas.  I wouldn’t have to get up early each day, and beg for the extra five minutes in bed.  I will be given the privilege to do something I love and get paid for it.  It won’t feel like work at all.

More than the mediocrity of my job right now, the reason I want to be a WAHM is that I want to spend more time with my daughter on weekdays, as she spends weekends with her dad.

Before I succumb to the lure of WAHM-hood though, I have to admit that there are some trade-offs.  The pay- I think- won’t be as good if I work from home, and I’ll lose the other benefits I enjoy from my current job.

If I compare myself with other WAHMs I know, they’re better off, since their husbands work as well.  I, on the other hand, am a single mom living on a single income.  Money, it seems, should be my top priority.

Does that mean I have to put aside my own happiness? Can’t I work and do something I love at the same time?

Time is gnawing at my youth… I have very limited options, at this point…

Maybe I’ll just find myself a rich guy to marry?

About Pepper

I am a single working mom, trying to raise my kid the best way I know how. Join me as I navigate my way through the jungle that is Single Mom-hood, armed with rose-colored glasses and strength of spirit. As pepper adds spice to food, so does my daughter add spice to my life. She makes life no less than…PEPPERRIFIC!

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  1. I am always trying to think of a job I could do from hope but with no luck yet…I hope you find your answer!

  2. Good luck figuring this out – life as a single mom is tough!

  3. the last option sounds like a very interesting thing to do! :D

    kidding aside, am sure you will find a way to find something that you love to do, which pays good enough for you to stay at home so you can keep an eye on your little one. I pray you find it soon…

  4. I’ve been wanting to work from home too. But, I believe in seasons. And for this season I know that I need to be where I am. Like you, I wish I could spend more time with my son. If only… :)

  5. Mrs. Pancakes says

    I hope you are able to figure it out too…sending you positive thoughts!

  6. Finding a sugar daddy is an option, but probably not the best one. ;) I hope you find a way to be at home because it really does sound like you’re leaning that way.

  7. Oh man, this is certainly a hard one. And, as a fellow single mom, this is something that I struggle with often. I love my job and I value what I do. But… I want more time with my son. The trade-offs, like you said, are big things to consider. Right now, I’m not in a position where I can work from home. But hopefully one day. My ideal situation would be to be able to work part time. I’d love that!

    • At least you love your job :) Yes, I guess working part time would be another option. Thanks for visiting :)

  8. If God has called you to become a WAHM, I am sure He will enable and equip you to become one. I believe that He is faithful and as we obey His calling for our life, He will prove himself to you. :)

    You just need to be sure that it is what He wants you to do :)

  9. Oh Pepper, I’ve been asking this same question since 1994, after graduating from college. Do what makes me happy (but not good pay) or go for what pays well? When I was teaching at UPD, I was happy, probably the happiest career-wise. But at the same time, towards the end (prior to leaving), I was beginning to feel that somehow I did not belong in the academe. And so my search continues. Let me know when you find the answers ;-)) And I wish you the best!

    • I was under the impression that you had it all figured out, Joy! So you’re still searching… Good luck to us! :)

  10. I am working from home, but am an empty nester, and have my husband as back up. Since I’ve started my home business from scratch during a great depression, it takes awhile to see a paycheck. My previous business in Real Estate is out of business right now. That is something you should know and consider before taking the plunge. Money won’t happen for a long time, and I’m even surprised at the amount I’m seeing after 3 years. It does not pay all of my bills though still, and I work day and night. That’s just the reality.

    • Yup, having a business does mean working those extra hours. I will seriously consider those points you’ve raised before I dive in. Thanks :)

  11. Could you do a bit of both to get your confidence up and some money coming in before you go solo? Yes, I know, time is hard to find, but if it would make your decision so much easier!

    • Thanks for the tip, Tat. Yup, I’m trying to do that now- doing some paid writing gigs on the side. You’re right, it does help with boosting my confidence. When I’m pretty stable, then I can probably start saying goodbye to my job.

  12. Tough decision! Write down all of your skills Nd figure out what you can sell. Then, you may have a better idea of what your options are. Good luck!!! Thatnks for visiting Chaton’sTurner World too! (

    • Thanks. Yes, I will start doing that- clearly identifying my strengths and skills. Maybe that will help me finally find my place in this world.

  13. Pfffft! I will pretend I didn’t read that part about the rich hubby. Girl, we know that might be more trouble than it’s worth. Do you need to sacrifice happiness, yeah, kinda. Hear me out. I LOVE my job, I have barely a complaint. Is it what I want to be doing? No. Is it what I will do forever? No. At this point it lends me flexibility which I sorely need as a single parent. It also allows me benefits, which are needed and nothing I will give up. Right now security makes me happy. So as long as I have a stable job/income, that makes me happy. So for now, I’m in a good enough place. I think you’ll know when you’re ready to cut loose. Inch towards that dream, it will happen. Much luck, sweets.

    • Thanks, Cari! I guess I’ll just wait when the time is right, right? The fact that I’m having reservations right now means that- as what you’ve said- I’m in a pretty secure spot and I’m not about ready to give that up. Yes, I do need that stability.

  14. I have always worked full time and I have a friend who is a stay at home mom, and we always wanted to be in each other’s shoes. I guess the grass is always greener!

  15. I am a WAHM too. I truly love this kind of job. I can spend a lot of quality time with my son. It’s my choice and I always want it to be this way. To all my fellow moms, don’t settle for less when you can have so much more..CHEER UP!

    • Oh, how I envy you! It’s only a matter of time, i guess, before I finally reach that goal. Thanks :)

  16. As a former wahm, I think I should say that it’s not as easy or as glamorous as it can sometimes seem from looking in from the outside. I had my husband who worked, too, so that changed things, but I think one of the things that was hardest from me was creating a work/life balance. It felt as though I was always working at both jobs, mom and employee, and that I wasn’t doing either particularly well. I made the mistake of working without childcare, which I would NOT recommend, so my life was tough for a long time.

    On the flip side, there are some true benefits to being a wahm. It’s nice to be home and start you day earlier than most or end it later than most. It’s also nice to see your children during the day, even if you have childcare or they’re at school.

    So, I say all this to say, if you find the right opportunity, research, research, research. Go with what feels right. Money is very important, but so is your happiness.

    I wish you the best of luck! And I look forward to hearing about your journey!

    • Thanks for shedding light on this topic, Jessica! It’s really a tough decision to make… Thanks for the encouraging words :) I really appreciate it.

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