This One’s For Him

DISCLAIMER:  Be warned that this post is high in cheese content.  If you cannot stand any more mozzarella or cheddar, then leave now.  Otherwise, read on and witness how this particular post rates high in the cheesiness scale.  I’m not particularly one who is comfortable exposing her feelings in a blog post, but I guess, exceptions are acceptable once in a while.  It’s not as if I’m washing my dirty laundry in public, because if anything, this post is akin to showing off my knickers in all their godly cleanliness.

I hardly consider myself a poet, so I won’t try to be one.  As much as I would like to write a much-deserved ode to Mr. SO (Significant Other), all I could come up with is a comprehensive list of why I love him:

  • He thinks about having my car fixed.   He gets up early in the morning to come over and give me a much-needed hand with car repairs.
  • His patience stretches far and wide.  He has continued to bear with my somewhat frequent emotional eccentricities.  He continues to love me despite my shortcomings, and accepts me for who I am, imperfections and all.
  • He is fiercely loyal.  Staying true to the woman he loves is almost tattooed on his skin.  It’s an unwritten rule for him to be faithful to the one he loves.
  • He is God-fearing.  A man who has a steadfast faith in God is, without a doubt, somebody who would never do anything to hurt his woman.  He has a conscience which works overtime at helping him discern which is right from wrong.
  • He speaks softly, but carries a big stick.  He is mild-mannered and slow to anger (well, maybe except when someone cuts him off at an intersection).  Silent waters do run deep, and he is one emotional and intellectual Marianas Trench- with a sense of humor to boot.

That’s enough cheese for now.  Obviously, I love the man to bits.  Happy birthday, Mr. SO!

About Pepper

I am a single working mom, trying to raise my kid the best way I know how. Join me as I navigate my way through the jungle that is Single Mom-hood, armed with rose-colored glasses and strength of spirit. As pepper adds spice to food, so does my daughter add spice to my life. She makes life no less than…PEPPERRIFIC!

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  1. so keso! joke! Love it, Pepper! well said :)

  2. Now that is cheesiness overload … happy birthday to your SO.

  3. aaaw…ur blessed pep & i’m so happy for you…

  4. Yay, so sweet! :)

  5. there goes the real love Peps hehehe..wishing you both happiness sis..sana maging happy ending love story natin pareho ano..hay wishing na naman ako :)

  6. Hi sis!
    I’m very happy to know that you have a Mr. SO in your life now. Hope he’s a keeper :)

    Ria C

    It’s My Party
    Home is Where the Heart Is
    Red Lips and Pinky Toes
    The Travel Bug
    Handmade with LOVE

  7. Sounds like Mr. Handyman in the flesh, Pepper! :) This post made my jaded heart smile…

  8. I love cheese! Can’t have enough of it, so yes I enjoyed the list. Do you hear the birds singing? I do! They say “Romance is not dead!” woooho!! :-D :-D

    Happy birthday, Mr. SO of Pepper!

    Spanish Pinay

    • Hehe… I used to have a jaded heart too until now :) I hope you find your SO soon … but if you’re not keen on it right now, that’s fine :)

  9. Well, when you’re in love it should be cheesy, I’d be worried if it wasn’t. :) Very sweet, glad you found a nice guy, well deserved girl.

  10. Yes Pepper…!
    we need it.
    Thnx for awesome post.

  11. Love this cheesy post………love as to be this way or what is the point really!!
    Happy for you and all the best – you surely deserve it!

  12. I love cheese of all types, and the fact that he can handle car repairs is reason enough to hold on and let him get moldy. Moldy cheese is the best!

  13. Wow, you’re so sweet! I hope he reads it, HBD to him! =)

  14. My favorite part is how he thinks about having your car fixed and gives you a hand with much needed car repairs. That shows he truly loves you and cares about your well being. It is good to have a man around when it comes to car repairs! So happy you have found someone who truly loves you!

    Car Detail Pleasant Hill

  15. Andy at WordsAndPen says

    I think this is not cheesy at all. It’s…sweet!=) I love how Mr.SO puts in some efforts to fix your car plus he’s God-fearing?Oh, you gotta hold her girl!=)



  16. Awww, but that’s good cheese!

  17. aww Miss Pepper, Quickmelt! hahaha. :-D Happy birthday, SO of Miss Pepper! Congratulations also for being one of 2011’s most influential. ;-)

  18. I’m a cheese lover by heart, so nothing can be too cheesy for me.
    Good you found your mister perfect and he seems to be a keeper. :-)

  19. I apologize, I have been meaning to comment for some time, but I usually read from my phone and trying to get it close enough to see what I am saying in said comment is almost impossible.

    Anyway, Good for you Pepper!!!It truly is an amazing feeling to find someone that you can actually see sharing your life with and more importantly sharing your child with (that one has been hard for me). I love the cheese factor, I mean really have you read some of what I have been writing?? I blame it on the guys we are dating, lol. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, companionship, and most importantly friendship. Happy Birthday to SO, hope you guys had a great day!!!!

  20. Cheesy? Not the least bit! Beautiful post… and I hope the one it’s intended for has read your lovely list. It makes the heart smile (really).

  21. I like the way you write your posts Pepper! :) I’m including you in my blogroll :) Bdw, pepper and cheese? Both I can’t live without! Hihi :)

  22. Mitchteryosa says

    The best disclaimer I’ve ever read hihi!

  23. hi dear.. followed you back.. thanks for the lovely comment on my other blog ^_^

  24. Glad that you found your Mr.SO..a very cheesy post! I had a naughty interpretation on the part where you said, he speaks softly but carries a “big stick” :P

  25. ma keso nga!!! I am glad you have found someone you deserve :) Stay in love Pepper

  26. do we have the same boyfriend? ahaha LOL. wala lang:D para lang kasing yung bf ko din eheheh

  27. If I didn’t know better I would have thought you were describing me!

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