Three Tips to Make Wedding Planning a Breeze

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Hooray! You’re engaged! So… now what?

Prioritize and Organize

It’s tempting to jump right in, especially when you’re excited. But once you’re swimming in thoughts of who’s invited, what color your bridesmaids will wear, what your vows will say, and if your dog will make a good best man, you’re going to overwhelm yourself. Planning a wedding is no small task, but you don’t need to do everything on your own. There are wonderful wedding planning tools available to keep you on track, organize your thoughts and ideas, and see your plans through.

Lock Down a Venue

After nailing down things like budget, guest count, and some dates, it’s time to choose a venue. Prepare yourself, because it’s a big decision! There are so many options to choose from. A venue should ultimately be an extension of your personal style. This is the fun part, making it your own. Wondering where to begin? Barn weddings have become very popular, and if you’re wondering what the draw is, checking out barn events in farmhouse inn New London NH will shed some light as to why. Imagine airy, open spaces, blank slates for decorating, and an overall fun vibe that you won’t find just anywhere.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

With wedding planning going full steam ahead, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed or anxious. When you feel the momentum building from wedding stress or anxiety, take a step back, change your focus, and give yourself some time away from it all. Ask for help, and don’t feel guilty if your to-do list goes unchecked for a day or two. It will all still be there when you’re recharged.

The takeaway? With proper planning, an amazing venue to say “I Do”, and some mindfulness, your wedding day will be amazing.

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