Three Ways You Can Make Money Online

Earning online can be a great way to bring some money in, or to supplement your income. You can usually do it from home or anywhere with an internet connection. It’s not as easy to make money online as some sites make it out to be, but it is possible – very possible. A few ways you can earn online include:


As long as there’s the written word, there will be a need for writers. If you feel you’re good at writing, why not get paid for it? There’s money to be made in that area and there’s a huge demand.

Rates vary depending on experience. If you don’t have experience, you could set up a blog in a topic or topics of your choosing and use that as your portfolio. What are you interested in? Technology? Food? TV shows? Fashion? Blog about that.

Or you could go deeper and blog about one niche – so more than technology, you write about all things artificial intelligence; more than food, you write about all things Vietnamese cuisine. TV shows? You set up a blog specializing in Netflix guides.

The advantage of this is that you not only then have a portfolio, but can charge more because you’re an expert in a particular subject.

Taking Online Surveys

Companies are interested in learning more about their target market so they know what to sell to them or can learn how to better improve on what they’re selling or plan to sell. It’s part of their research and development process and they’re willing to pay for it.

If you like sharing your opinions, then participating in surveys might be for you. It’s always best to do your research before deciding whether to join a survey site. Check out Survey Police for a rundown of the most common survey sites, along with reviews by those who’ve used the sites.

Virtual Assistance

There are lots of people out there (businesses and professionals) who need help with a number of things including admin support, technical support and social media support.

As a virtual assistant (or a VA, for short), you work remotely/communicate with the client via email, conference calls (via Skype, for example) and virtual work spaces.

It might be somewhat of a challenge to secure your first handful of clients (this applies to the abovementioned writing/blogging work too), but once you do, it’ll build momentum and get easier.

In securing your first few clients, it might be an idea to get in touch with employers you used to work for, letting them know of your availability as a VA and what you offer. Also, get in touch with friends and family. You never know who might take you up on it.

Making money online can be a good way to bring in the dollars. It can also be flexible, so you can do it around other responsibilities you have. It is worth looking into as a possible way to earn.

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