Timing is Everything

It’s a skill I have yet to fully master.  Even at my age, I still seem to not know when the timing is right to start an argument with Mr. Significant Other.  Men do hate confrontation, so going down that road definitely means treading on precarious terrain.  I don’t know exactly why, but I guess it’s because they feel it’s a blow to their ego whenever we bring up an issue which concerns them and the relationship.  There are simply certain occasions when we should restrain ourselves from going into overdrive, and save the emotional explosions for a more opportune time.  So, here are the times when we women should NOT confront or argue with our partners:

He’s hungry.  Men will tend to answer the needs of their bodies first and foremost.   But if you must bring up an issue without delay, try doing so in the middle of dinner, after he’s had that yummy gravy you prepared slide down his throat.

He’s at work.  This is where that yellow road sign Men at Work comes up.   A man at work cannot be disturbed.  Men do have one-track minds, so calling them up during office hours just won’t cut it.  Their work is important to them, so if you keep bugging them while they’re busy, they will fall short on the productivity scale, and that will haunt them forever.

He’s watching the game.  It is an almost primeval need for them to catch every second of that basketball game.  He might even hold the urge to go to the bathroom just so he won’t miss any part of the action.  At least, wait until halftime, and then talk to him.

He just woke up.  Everybody I guess wants to start their day positive.   Some men are really particular about that.  They sometimes feel that whatever happens in the morning is a precursor to what happens throughout the day.

He’s sleepy.  Again, he must cater to his biological needs first.

When it comes to engaging your man in serious conversation, find a suitable time to do that.  Confronting your man about a serious issue at the wrong time will only fan the flames.  You’ve got your work cut out for you if he happens to be moody!

Timing applies to you as well.  Be sure you’ve thoroughly thought about what you’re about to tell your man.  Be nice and stick to the issue.


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  1. Nice list, these moments are for sure times we would not like to be disturbed too. But I think with men you’d better be more careful and be sure of what you’ll have to say!

    • Although they won’t admit it, you’re right, men are more sensitive than we women are. Thanks for the visit :)

  2. Very interesting. And I must agree to these especially the part on just waking up. Even I wouldn’t want any confrontation if I have just woken up

    Spanish Pinay

  3. I agree Peps..I think woman must learn also how to control her anger..confrontation usually starts when both of you don’t want to listen and insists on one’s own reasoning..

    When one learns to listen first..I think every problem will be solved and confrontation will be avoided..

    My quiet angel and I have confrontations sometimes but it is normal..because each of us have our own differences but at the end of the day..love is still stronger and everything will turn out right..

    I am still learning and I have been open also to change :)

    • Exactly. We each come from different backgrounds that’s why we tend to clash. But I guess, it’s true what they say-however cheesy- love does conquer all…true love, that is!

  4. Oh my truer words have never been spoken! LOL I found myself thinking of my husband at each of these moments and you are so right! Thanks for validating these thoughts ha ha!

  5. Ha! It’s like dealing with a toddler, isn’t it?!

  6. This I have to master too. You could also add when he is driving. Hahaha!

    I’ve been cranky recently and my husband sort of became my stress ball who received all my bad energies wherever he may be and it resulted to little tampuhan between the two of us. I should really learn this.

    By the way, thanks for frequently dropping love on my site. :)

    • when it comes to talking to the man while he’s driving, that seems to work well for me. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have to look me in the eye as he drives and talks :)

  7. You are so right, timing is everything. Pick the wrong time and you might as well talk to the wall!! I truly try to just ask, is this a good time? If it isn’t I ask when might be a better time. It helps, but not all the time. lol

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