Tips for Combating Allergies


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Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Are you plagued by constant sniffles and watery eyes? There are plenty of techniques you can employ to combat the effects of allergens. If you’re struggling to think clearly through your foggy-headedness, go ahead and use this list to explore some of the best tips for fighting allergens.

Check for Mold

Did you know that mold can grow throughout your home, and is not always immediately visible? You probably check for black spots or mildew in your bathroom or kitchen, but do you check in your air ducts and deep within your walls? Calling a Reno Mold Removal company to perform an air quality and mold check can prove extremely beneficial. Mold is a common allergen that can be quickly and effectively remediated by a team of professionals so that you can once again breathe easily in your home.

Routinely Clean Your Home

Along with ensuring your home is free of mold, it’s also important to regularly deep clean everything. You’re probably cleaning the kitchen counters, sink, and floors fairly often, but how often do you steam clean the carpets or dust your furniture? Soft surfaces like rugs, couches, and curtains often trap dust particles, which can be some of the most trying allergens in a home. If it helps you stay organized, make a cleaning schedule so you can keep track of how often you need to clean.

Study Yourself

Have you found that you sneeze more when you’re in a garden or in a freshly mowed yard? Or do you suffer when the neighbor’s dog gives you a giant, slobbery hug? Pay attention to your body and its reactions, and tweak your daily actions accordingly. Although it may not always be feasible, you could attempt to stay away from cats or dogs, or not keep bouquets of flowers in your home.

Visit Your Doctor

While many people find effective relief from allergies through over-the-counter medications, it’s always a good idea to get the opinion of a professional. If you find yourself sneezing all the time, make an appointment with your doctor to get an actual diagnosis of what specifically you are allergic to, so you can better know what to avoid. Your doctor will also be able to prescribe a medication, or even just simply recommend an over-the-counter option that could best fit your needs.

There are plenty of tips you can follow to lessen the effects of your allergies, including mold remediation, cleaning your home, staying away from allergens, and visiting your doctor.

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