Tips On Buying a Condo Unit

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Thumb-sucking was never something I loved doing when I was little- at least that’s what I think!  What I do remember is that I used to always bring along my Ernie (of Sesame Street) stuffed toy with me wherever I went.  That was my security blanket, my comfort object.

For most of us adults, our security blanket will have to be our home.  It’s our go to place whenever we feel the need to reconnect with our true selves after a long and stressful day.  Think about how you used to cry your eyes out inside your bedroom after a painful breakup.

It’s not easy choosing a home, though, as there are many factors to consider.  Condos have become the norm these days, as the more convenient option for living in a densely populated city.  But they don’t really come cheap, so you have to choose wisely before investing in a unit.  It’s always good to seek advice from the experts, just like those realtors in Springfield, MO

One of the foremost things to consider when buying a condominium unit is location.  The condo should be situated somewhere near important places such as the business district or modes of public transportation.  But if you want easy access to restaurants, be prepared for the noise.  Traffic might also be a problem, because it’s understandably going to be busy during the day with lots of people flocking to the area.

The reputation of the developer will also be a major factor here.  There have been cases where condo projects had to be stopped because the developer ran out of money.  If you’re getting a condo in the pre-selling stage, this is important.  If construction has to stop somewhere along the way, it might be difficult for you to get your money back.

When living in a condo, remember that you are bound by rules and regulations.  Some condos for instance require you to have only a certain color for curtains.  Some don’t allow pets at all.  You’ll also of course have to pay the association dues.  This is an added monthly expense you’ll have to think about.

Price alone does not determine whether or not you should go out and buy yourself a condo unit.  There are so many other things to consider.  Whatever you do, don’t make hasty decisions, as you wouldn’t want your hard earned money to simply go down the drain.

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  1. You are right, I heard of some condos that do not allow pets ; ( Sad, right?


  2. I used to say that wherever husband and daughter is, that’s my home. So may it either be in my parents house in an almost provincial setting, were we dwell during weekends or our mini condo unit in CBD, that’s where I’ll be comfortable.

    In our case, we weren’t part of the decision-making when we chose this condo. It was handed to us like we didn’t have other choice than to say yes to a good deal. At first the noise of the roaring train at 6 in the morning and motorists racing late at night used to bug me, but hey, I’m a city girl… although I miss the sound of the bird chirping and rainfalls sometimes.

    But yeah, the ever changing rules of the condo-management gets to me at times but still gets other house responsibilities off your chest too.

  3. That’s the downside thing with condos, the association dues. It’s like you’re also renting out a place instead of owning one. Really, some even restrict the color of curtains? I guess it’s so that the condo doesn’t look too multi-colored from the outside.

  4. Maybe I’ll never get used to condo living with the kids around.

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