Tips on Buying a Condo Unit

If you’re a fan of children’s lit, you probably know about the Boxcar Children.  They’re a group of orphans who find a makeshift shelter in an abandoned boxcar.  Luckily for most of us, we don’t have to live in such harsh conditions, and have lots of options when it comes to purchasing a place to live in.  For those who have chosen to get a condo unit for a home, here are some tips for a good buy:

Consider the reputation of the developer.  The reputation of the developer matters a great deal when getting a condo while at the pre-selling stage, as this is a determining factor as to whether or not the building will actually be completed.  There are cases when the developer runs out of money and condo projects never get finished.  When that happens, your dreams of getting that luxury condo may simply go kaput.

Think about noise.  What could be more annoying than hearing your upstairs neighbors’ footsteps as they walk to and fro?  No matter how beautiful those condos in downtown Austin, TX are, if you can hardly get a good night’s sleep from all the surrounding noise, well, you’re probably better off living in a boxcar.  At any rate, you can always complain about it to the guards on duty.

Check out the amenities.  It’s the amenities which condos offer which usually account for the spike in prices.  Try to assess if the value of the playground, gym, and swimming pool are equal to the price you’re going to pay.

Population density counts.  It’s important that you have a clear idea of how many people will be staying in a floor, for example.  Naturally, more people in the condo means less space is available to you.  And, it would be quite inconvenient to have to share the elevator with a mob.

It’s everyone’s dream to own his or her own living space.  If you choose wisely, you will get value for your hard-earned money, and finally get to call your condo your home sweet home.


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  1. My kid’s love the boxcar series. I am living in the sticks so I would never have thought about the fact that you could be competing for the elevator, great tips!!!

  2. very good tips. we lived in two different condos and I know for me that will likely be the only two I live until maybe retirement age…lol

  3. Samantha Bangayan says

    By the time I get back to Vancouver in a couple years, I think I’ll definitely be ready to look for a potential condo! =) It’s cozy living in one room, but owning my own place would be amazing. Thanks for these tips, Pepper! I don’t usually mind having a lot of people around or a lot of noise, but I hadn’t even thought about the developer’s reputation.

  4. musings of a working mom says

    i would still love a typical house with a lanai and green grass. I guess, if there’s no option, i would just choose having a condo.

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