Tips on Choosing a Baby Pram Based on Your Lifestyle

Thinking about my “pepperrific”, imaginary world conjures up images of flowing chocolate streams and babies in prams and pushchairs modeled after shiny Ferraris and Audis.  While we’re at it, why not throw in an image of myself with flat abs and mile-long legs.

In the real world though, my body is far from perfect, and baby prams don’t look like luxury cars.  Baby prams and pushchairs serve the purpose of transporting our kids from here to there without having to carry them in our arms all day.  Sure, there’s nothing wrong with picking out a pram which makes your little one look like a million-dollar baby, but you must consider the type of lifestyle you lead.

If you happen to use the car a lot, check the size of your car boot and see how it measures against the folded dimensions of the pram or pushchair you want to buy.  Try to look for something which works as both a pushchair and a baby car seat.

If you regularly use public transport, or have steps leading to your house, choose a pram which is lightweight and folds up easily.

If you walk a lot, pick a sturdy model with lockable wheels.  While swivel wheels make for easy maneuvering, handling over rough surfaces is easier with fixed wheels.  Some pushchairs offer both options.

Whatever type of lifestyle you live, one fact remains: we all want the best for our kids, and will do everything to ensure their safety.  So, whether you’re shopping on or scouring the malls for a good baby pram, choose wisely.


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  1. Prams are one thing I’m willing to invest in, because a good one makes it that much easier to get out with a baby! Do you have one you love?

  2. Here’s a tip that turned out to be worth its weight in gold to me–if you have a large trunk space, consider getting a “double” stroller–one of those designed for two children. It gives you a place to store purchases when you’re at the mall, and the real advantage is that, with a bit of thin wood, some padding and a little ingenuity, you can turn your stroller into a rolling baby bed in which your little one can actually stretch out and NAP. Or sit and play. The seatbelts can still work if you do things right. We logged a lot of miles with our modified double stroller.

  3. I don’t yet have a baby but will soon have one. I will keep in mind what you just said.

  4. The double seat stroller tip was great. Kids often get tired if we our out too long. And they can nap better if they can lay down.

  5. i prepare to have a baby now, and still thinking how to be a good father.i need to learn more about that.

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