Tips on Cleaning Your Area Rug

There are two things I badly wish for: having Princess Jasmine’s sexy abs, and going on that magic carpet ride with prince what’s-his-name.  Since it may take more than rubbing a magic lamp to grant me my wishes, the closest I can get to making them real is by getting me a nice area rug for my living room.

Choosing an area rug is one thing, area rug cleaning is another.  Here are a few tips on keeping your area rug as clean as a hound’s tooth:

Vacuum your rug at least every two weeks.   Do this every two weeks.  If it’s small enough, you can take it outside and shake off the dirt every so often.

Brush off pet hair.  Sometimes, vacuuming may leave out nasty pet hairs.  Using a stiff brush, brush in the direction of the nap of the rug.

Spot clean your area rug.  Remember to blot and not rub stained areas.  Using a clean towel, press down hard from the outside, and work your way towards the middle of the stain.

Amazingly, brake cleaner works on food stains.  Use it sparingly to spot clean those unexpected food spills on the carpet.

How you take care of your area rug will greatly determine its life span.  Treat it as you would a precious gem, and it’s sure to last you a long time.

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  1. We have a small foot rug that I just place inside the washing machine whenever I feel like cleaning it. Not sure how much damage it will do when cleaned like that though. Hehehe! =)

  2. I hope you 2 wishes come true! Hehe. *keeping my fingers crossed*

    We don’t use vacuum on our rugs. Our helper just wash them. But once I get an expensive carpet and rug, I’d like to try your tips. :)

  3. Wow! How I wish some people really allow that to happen like taking good care of things. Well, probable it’s on how we care for everything or anything. We must treat them it is alive. Be responsible. :) That is my advice.

  4. Mommy Lexi says

    Hi, Pepper.

    Princess Jasmine’s prince is named is Aladdin. :P

    Anyways, like you I vacuum every week. Could’ve done it everyday if the electricity in our country is cheaper. LOL.

  5. I should keep on visiting this blog – worthy information. Housewives should visit this blog.

  6. Thank goodness we don’t have rugs, but we used to have a carpet, which I really hated. I don’t like vacuuming kasi.

  7. I wanted to have a carpeted house before so I bought a lot of thick carpets, but later I found it difficult to vacuum even every other day. Its also hard to clean stains if you have kids in the house who would spill ice cream and other food. So I removed all of them and threw them out already and settled for vinyl tiles instead.

  8. well,I have a large shag area rug that is desperate need of cleaning. The care tag says not to use a carpet cleaning machine but I’m very tempted to try it. It wasn’t overly expensive but enough that I don’t want to ruin it. Has anyone else used a carpet cleaning machine on a shag rug? What was the outcome?

  9. I hate cleaning rugs, I always end up messing them because I don’t know how to clean it properly. These tips will surely help me!:)

  10. Great tips! Brake cleaner… never heard of that one! Thanks for sharing.

  11. What? Break cleaner works on food stains? My goodness. This morning I was reading hairspray helps remove pen from leather (not true in my case – it didn’t work). Great tips there darling x

  12. Thanks for the tip on brake cleaners!

  13. Well friend,Anyways, like you I vacuum every week. Could’ve done it everyday if the electricity in our country is cheaper. LOL.

  14. Rovie @ Street Smart says

    Very helpful rug cleaning tips Mommy! I wish that your wish may come true :) LOL

  15. mitchryan23 says

    Thank you for the tips. They sure are very helpful.

  16. Vivek Baghel says

    Its really interesting article about rugs but I’m also one of them, Those don’t like cleaning rugs but its also a biggest fact that rugs always increase personality, also help in various ways of rooms.

  17. Mildred Melendez says

    Thank you for sharing those tips! :) It is very important that you vacuum your rugs if not everyday you can do it every other day because dust and dirt will stick on your rugs and this might cause you allergies and sickness!

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